Answering the Hype about Meditation

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You have all heard it. We are by now used to the litany. It is apparently huge and it is not only spiritual benefits that you get out of it as it has medical and scientific benefits too. It changes the entire way you view things and suddenly you are this new person who is calmer, more sorted out and instead of screaming at the face of things, you actually start talking, talking politely. Well, no I am not talking about some magical trick, it is meditation. Meditation is known to be affecting you in ways you could only dream about and transforms your general perspective of day to day perception by altering tour thinking process. None of which involves a side effect there is only inherent goodness coupled with good thoughts. So it does not get better than this, does it? Therefore I am more than convinced that it has become your part of the ubiquitous spiritual and psychological litany where no matter what, whatever problem you state, you are asked to meditate as if it were a supernatural solution to all your mortal agonies and at the end of the day it is frustrating really where we go,” yeah yeah right I will meditate, sure”. I am with you. It can be frustrating when you do not realize to the full effect why people are asking you to do it and hence end up taking it for granted.

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Remember when we were young and got attracted to burning fire and moving insects in our attempt to catch them and probably just put them in our mouth? But as we went near fire and felt the heat, we understood we were never meant to touch it, along with the occasional screaming and scolding of our guardian angels striking as a warning in our brain that some things are better left untouched. As we grew up, we realized that some other things too are not meant to be mingled with, then maturity dawned and we claim to know what is best for us, demanding it as a right and claiming it as our independence. That is all good but I hope you will agree with me when I say that only after having dealt with things on our own did we realize the implications of it, only by making mistakes we learnt and only by trying have we ever known success. It is the same with meditation. Just like if you have not been through it, you will never know; if you have not meditated you will not realize why there is this hype with most profound personalities asking you to count on the process to heal you from within.

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Even complex medical treatments include meditation as a part of their treatment and therapy. If you were to write an essay on the science of healing, it will be incomplete without the word meditation. That is how significant it is. Now let us quickly delve into why it is so talked about with so many medicinal options available with us and such tremendous outside help, why are we at all asked to look inside. The branches of science that deal with the working of the human mind and body like neuroscience, psychology and neurobiology are all obsessing themselves over the practice and impact of meditation while many would call such a retrospective attitude of science to depend on the old traditional techniques detrimental for scientific development.

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Well, like the saying goes that there is no escaping the terrors of the mind which is more damaging than any other disease or illness that you will come across, be it chronic or not. It is those cases of mortal agony that meditation is an answer to.  There has been huge number of studies conducted on the impact of meditation and what exactly happens to your brain when you meditate, with certain religion building their foundation on it. Actually when you meditate something not so favourable happens and your brain starts to process information very slowly. There is an evident decrease in the beta waves in the brain. So with your entire brain which is constantly online, meditation is a process to slowly slip it into an offline mode. The frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, thalamus they all slow down where the information received is reduced to a trickle and for a change, like you have never known to have done ever before in your life, you calm down. Do not ask me what happens when you calm down like that from inside, from your head, it is like the legendary miracle that you will have to live in order to be able to understand.

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Now when it comes to listing the effects of it, it is most definitely exhausting. Like I mentioned before there no side effects to it whatsoever, it still holds good. But the benefits include the primary ones firstly like it will get you rid of tension, nervousness, anxiety, absorb your worries and dump into an unknown vacuum and even fight depression. That is the mental part of it. Physically, it is preventive treatment of diseases apart from being a cure. It reduces the risk of heart attack, strokes, blood pressure and controls the insulin level. Many have also experienced reduced bad breath or almost no bad breath when they wake up every morning. To top it all, it keeps you healthy and alive by reducing death risk and prolonging the duration of your life, a life that you will love to live. So go ahead, bless yourself.


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