Casement windows and its Benefits

Where can you use the casement windows?

  • These windows are hinged at the sides and they wing outward. The windows provide a clear view to the outdoor environment as well as one can easily open and close them just by turning the handle.
  • Best usage of the casements windows are:
  1. Over the kitchen sink or any difficult reaching areas.
  2. Ventilation requirement is a must in a room
  3. Unobstructed view

The casement windows are considered to be of more contemporary style architecture style. Although being a great choice, the windows might not be a good option where there is no central air ventilation and the room uses an air conditioning system all the time. The windows are fitted on the interior wall rather than being installed outside like hung windows or sliding windows.

One of the popular features of casement windows is the air flow feature. The hinged window design helps capture the air and pushes it towards the room, bringing in a refreshing breeze. The window sash allows ventilation to the entire entire of the room, wherein the double hung windows used to slide the sashes vertically upwards or downwards- in such scenario a part of the window would be blocked by the sash hence covering the area of the window and blocking the entry of the air.

The casement windows cover a large area of choices and options for the homeowners who enjoy the unobstructed view of the outdoor scenery, additional ventilation.

Ventilation, the biggest advantage in installing a casement window. Maximum airflow can be allowed into your home by opening the window sashes all the way.

Windows have an important role in keeping the house safe. Casement windows have locks embedded within the structure to lock it properly unlike the other windows which can be easily opened by slipping or sliding a bar between the sashes. With the lock embedded within the frame, the latch is impenetrable from outside.

Windows have multiple frame within frame, glass, hinges at joints. If you are looking for a minimal structure and no hussle with design and the architecture of the window- casement windows commonly do not require any mutins, glass tile dividers, etc; providing a simple style.

The hardware used is more durable compared to other windows and operates smoothly with minimal maintenance. Being a window that is installed internally or in the interior of the house, it stay relatively clean from the dust, debris of the outside environment.

The affordable feature and low maintenance makes the casement windows popular and easily accessible in the market with respect to its counterpart. The life span and the cost surpasses its counterparts. The variety of designs give an aesthetic appeal to the home owners.

Customization of the fitting style can be done according to the decor of your home. Grilles and mutins can add a charming effect on your window. You can easily skip the decorative grids, patterns in the casement windows, and can easily bring out the sleek. Elegant, modern look. Installation of the casement windows can be done by the service providers in no time.


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