Climatic Changes: An Issue of Global Concern

Climate Change – a term which is undoubtedly is emphasizing its existence more and more strongly with each passing day across the globe. With the average temperature on gradual rise there hardly seem to be any cure at the hands of any government. No matter how much any particular country has contributed to this global issue but each one of us  in today’s’ date is suffering from the adverse effects of climate change. As per the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment report Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis the world will be standing face-to-face with some of the major changes in future due to climatic changes.


They state that these changes are the result of the rapid economic and population growth on a global stage coupled with the intervention of technology. The report also mentions of certain demo graphical changes that are likely to take place due to climatic changes. This evidently hints to the extreme nature of climate that will dominate the future atmospheric conditions. The report, despite being a statement on behalf of the government seems to be clueless about any prevention steps of such a horrific state; indicating clearly about governments’ stand in such matters which is hanging in the air.


With the dominance of extreme climatic conditions the world is seemingly standing on the verge of collapse. Excessive rainfalls in areas such as India, and excessive heat and humidity in countries like China can be sen as the perefct examples of what extreme climatic conditions we humans have created for ourselves with our own greedy deeds. Several scientific reports strongly suggest a sharp increase in frequency of hot extremes, heat waves and heavy precipitation, followed by increase in tropical cyclone intensity.


With such changes climate is surely to be highly unpredictable in the near future with extremities of everything following around the mankind. Due to these rapid and extreme changes taking place scientists fear that this may give rise to an end number of problems which will be hard to deal with. Lack of agricultural production leading to shortage and sever crisis in food industry has to be the prime among them. This will subsequently lead to shortage of raw materials and basic needs to be provided to an ever-increasing population.

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The other serious impact that these climatic changes would have is on the livestock. With the world still having a considerable number of  agrarian economy and agriculture being the foundation of each and every economy any damage to livestock will definitely be fatal and of huge loss. Livestock forms an integral part of the agriculture sector. Livestock also forms an integral part of every economy as a great deal of animal products constitutes the export/import business. Some of such products also forms the basis of life, such as milk which is considered a complete food in itself. All of such items are obtained largely from the livestock where the animals range from cattle, poultry to pigs, goats, yaks, and sheep. Excessive heat, as most of the reports suggest, would lead to increasing diseases in livestock making the diseases more rampant and thus increasing the chances of an impending danger of humans also getting affected by it. This is stated so since extreme precipitation or presence of humidity is not suited to many of the animals and therefore they are prone to fall prey to such extreme climatic changes.

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And we cannot forget that a large amount of green has been cut down by us. And despite suffering from such extreme aftermath we have not stopped as judiciously as we should have.  And therefore this deliberate negligence by us is surely leading towards a carnage where the eco-system will collapse down into ruins. With less number of forests the wild animals are clueless about their habitats. And it us who are solely to be blamed for their such a pitiable conditions which can be in no way justified. Absence of lush greens have not only lead to the loss of biodiversity but have also contributed its due share to the extreme climatic changes that are taking place nowadays.

With less number of tress there is no way in which the air can be purified.

With less number of trees there is increasing crisis in the availability of natural resources.

With less of green patches on the earth the wind has changed its directions to unpredictable pathways.

Apart form this there is the big issue of global warming which is considered to be the main reason for the extreme climatic changes that we are facing today. As scientists and experts from the meteorological departments put it there will be an increase in greenhouse gas concentrations which will be followed up with a series of changes:


increase in Earth’s average temperature,


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reduction in ice & snow cover, therefore, rise in the sea level,








increase in the acidity of oceans, escalating the probability of acid rain occurrences.



The global temperature is expected to warm in a more rapid way as compared to what we have been experiencing in the recent past. But this rapid warming is expected to be more active over land than sea or oceans, altogether resulting in the increase of number of days of heat waves in a year. Pattern of precipitation, rainfall and snowfall is also likely to change as a result of this. By 2100 it is estimated that the occurrence of heavy downpours is expected to happen once in 10-15 years which stands in stark contrast to the present scenario where heavy rainfall takes place once in every 20 years. This is one of those many other factors which can bring heavy calamities as excessive rainfall has lead to disastrous and unpredictable outcomes in recent past. The agriculture sector will definitely suffer a great loss due to this as late arrival of monsoon and excessive rainfall damages the rotatory pattern of crop-cycle thus leading to scarcity of  crops or food in larger view.

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All such changes that are likely to take place in near future surely gives a hard blow right on the face. This blow becomes harder by certain statements given in a report by IPCC which states that even if we all stop exploiting the environment right away still we cannot escape the outcome of our past deeds. Stopping right away does not ensure that our future generation will be saved from the wrath of the nature but after 10-15 years there will be natural harmony and bliss for sure IF we stop exploiting the nature right away. And if we don’t then of course God help us with some magic wand or something to stop climate changing so rapidly towards extremities.


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