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You must have heard of a little something called color therapy, well it also has a few good names and it is called chromotherapy, colorology or cromatherapy. The term itself is definitive of the process and it actually stands to signify how color affects your body and mind. I know, it sounds all beautiful on the face of it and if you are willing to delve deeper than you may be even more surprised just how many sides are to your favourite and not so favourite colors. Thing is, if you have a favourite color, they say that will define your personality to an extent. Sometimes it does work. You pick your favourite color and just google it to find out the traits it gives you, I am sure you can land up on something fairly interesting. So by now you may be convinced that colors play a more definite role in our lives than just forming the feature of separate entities on earth. If you are up for a ride then I suggest you go through this article where I talk about the various essences of color therapy.

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Its benefits have successfully given it the sanction as an alternative healing method. And its popularity seems to be ever growing. It operates through vibrational healing which is basically the use of a variety of elements like crystals, gemstones, water, sunlight, rocks, pebbles, herbs, sound music etc. Now these elements are called chi energies. Now this therapy being one of the vibrational medicines is focused around the use and effect of color.

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Firstly, I think it is essential to define color. The wave-lengths or visible part of certain electro magnetic energy is what you understand by color. Everything that you see seems to have a definite color. Well, guess what it is actually the visible spectrum of the part reflected back by any object. You may know that if you were to join all the colors, the result that you will get is pure white light. Now this came as a shock to me when I was younger and I thought that if all the colors were to be combined then the result will be black and not white. So it took me some time to see it the scientific way, as the case might be for some of you. You might as well say therefore that all the colors that you see around you, starting from your favourite color to the color of this article and the colors in your mobile phone is an illusion of light and there is nothing definite behind such concrete separateness of one color from the other. And these colors affect us. They can make us feel sad, angry, uneasy, uncomfortable, again happy or ecstatic, calm etc. It is true, that does happen.

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The colors that you choose daily or you diligently avoid say something about you, your taste and your personality. Apart from these emotional responses, colors can also alter your perception space, height, size etc. For example you must have heard that the color black makes you look thin. You yourself might have seen that happen. So yeah, some colors can make a space look bigger, while some can make it look smaller. Again, some colors might make a thing appear really tall whereas some color makes it look short and so on. In fact your brain has this symbolic way of interpreting color and the moment you see a color, it actually triggers a particular kind of response or emotion. That is huge, I know but it does not end colors also influence the flow of energy through your body and mind, at times relaxing you or throwing you off completely. Try living surrounded by an alarming shade of red for too long a time and note the changes. However, you do not even have to go so far, you will know by virtue of the time spent on earth that certain colors which are fiery in their display will make you feel dizzy and sleepy if you look at it for too long a time.

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Healers who are involved with the process allow the chosen and specific ray of light to enter your body and hence your aura and in turn it results in changes in your subconscious. The result of color therapy will be a little hard to delineate if you have never gone through it as the beauty of it lies in the process and you will know only if you have been there, done that. Sometimes Science has explicitly refused to accept the effects of color therapy but there is no denying the concrete evidences of the changes felt in people who went through it. Often even gemstones and other crystals are used in this therapy as it provokes a certain thought process in individuals. Only going by the established conventions of gemstones in Vedic astrology, you will see that people who are going through mental illnesses are recommended pearl, which is worn in silver. The very arrangement of bringing something white into the person’s span of attention is to have a calming effect on his mind as the color white is known to have a calming effect.


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