Compounding Pharmacies Vs. Regular Pharmacies: How are they Different?

We all have had problems and physical issues that made us visit the respective doctor for the treatment. Some of us are still suffering from health issues that may be chronic and require lifetime treatment.


Doctors tend to prescribe you the medicines for which you rush to the drugstore or a regular pharmacy. However, every individual may not get cured with the same composition of medications acquired from the regular pharmacies. For instance, a person may be allergic to the high content of a particular salt in the specific medicine required for treatment. This is when a compounding pharmacy comes into the picture.


A compounding pharmacist is different from the regular one, although both are licensed and graduates. They go through specialized training in the field of concocting the medicines as prescribed by your practitioner.


Where regular pharmacist will read out your slip and offer you the written drugs, a compound pharmacist will sit and discuss your problems and needs to prepare the right medication.


To know deeply, down below are mentioned some of the points that will reveal the difference between the two-


They can come up with the right and specific dosage- As discussed earlier, many people are not comfortable taking medicines from the manufacturers since it can cause other side effects or problems like acidity, high blood pressure or constipation.


In such cases, you can seek help from the compound pharmacist to amalgamate the drugs to form the necessary medicine. Keeping in mind your allergies and health issues, he will come up with a dose that will prove to be effective and will get you rid of side effects.


They can formulate medication in any form- Many people believe that they can take medicine in particular form and flavour. Well, that’s not true. If you have trouble swallowing the bitter pills in solid-state or liquid medicines, then you can ask your compound pharmacist to change its state. The good news is he can change the color and flavours of your medicine as well, making it easy for you to take them until you are cured.


They offer a solution for children as well- Being a parent, you know how struggling it is to woo your child to take the medicines. Many children hesitate and even create a dramatic scene while swallowing their dosage. Therefore, compound pharmacists can come with easy and effective solutions where their medications can be hidden in the food or converted in the form of a sweet. Hence, they can come up with different ways to take your medicines-


  • Powder
  • Tablet
  • Ointment
  • Injection
  • Liquid


They are ready to provide the right advice- Some women may suffer from hormonal imbalance and infertility problems that can affect the levels of vitamins, calcium and minerals in their body. Therefore, your compound pharmacist can guide you about your needs and present you with concoctions and nutritional supplements that will optimize the levels of dietary deficiencies you had been facing.



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