Easy tips for maintaining your car windshield

A car windshield is a primary thing for the car’s comfort. But, it remains unappreciated until it protects you from any external environment such as dust, rain, or anything like that. Also, this automotive glass is constructed differently so that if an accident occurs, it does not shatter like the glass at your home. Windshields ensure comfort and protect the passengers. No doubt, it is durable, but it does not mean that it is indestructible. So, you must get fixed immediately from any glass repairers like Two Bros. Auto Glass whenever such a mishap occurs. Such firms not only help in repairment or replacements of your windshields but also helps you claim the insurance on your glass if it’s remaining. Well, windshields might also get spoiled if it doesn’t receive proper care. No doubt, cleaning your windshield with a small piece of cloth regularly might serve your purpose, but here are a few more easy tips that can even be more helpful in taking care of your windshield.

  • Keep a check on your wipers.

The biggest enemy of your car’s windshield is the damaged wipers. Keep a check on your wiper as a rubber free wiper may lead to scratching of your windshield. It would be best if you replace wipers of your car every six months, but you can even do it if it starts leaving a scratch on your windshield. You must keep few things in mind regarding the wipers. Firstly, avoid parking your car in direct sunlight, as sunlight may lead to degrading the rubber. Secondly, do not use wipers on the dry windshield as the friction may lead to scratches on the windshield. Hence, always keep an eye on your wipers.

  • Cleaning tips

It is evident that if you want long-lasting use of your windshield, you will clean it regularly. But, there are few things to understand regarding cleaning and few things to avoid. Let us talk about that. Clean your glass regularly. One of the most important things that are always beneficial is to clean your windshield everyday. Whether you’re to use your car or not, just do not forget to clean your glass. But what should you use to do so? The best thing to use is auto glass cleaners and a good microfiber towel. Also, keep in mind to use one side of the cloth for the actual cleaning and the other side to buff out the windshield. Now, what not to use for your class. You might come across people who will suggest using things like sodas, shaving creams for cleaning glass. But, trust me, it is the worst thing you’re going to do with your windshield. It will also damage the tint on your auto glass. So just be particular about these things.

Apart from the things mentioned above, many other tips can help you maintain your glass shield. It can be replacing your windshield tips, have an auto glass inspection, or do water repellent coating. If you follow all these easy tips, you can protect your windshield from getting spoiled and save money for its replacement.


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