How Eco-Friendly is your Home???

 eco- friendly home décor


“Home is where our heart is” and home defines the beauty of a homemaker. Most of us like to enjoy the beauty of nature. But considering today’s scenario and our buzzing life and changing lifestyle, how often do we go to places where we can experience the nature and appreciate its beauty? We spend most of our time indoors and miss out on the natural sceneries. How about getting the feel of nature in our own homes? If we can’t spend time outdoors how about bringing nature home?


eco-friendly homes

Decorating our home in an eco friendly manner is a great way to experience the scintillating beauty and tranquility of nature in our own living rooms. Hanging trinkets and wall hangings made out of eco friendly material is a great way to feel and appreciate nature. One can feel the calmness of the beach at home by decorating it with conches and trinkets made out of shells or corals which can be picked from the beach or found at any home decor shop. This is a fantastic idea to bring beaches into our own living room. To experience the serenity of a nature, one can pick artificial flower hangings and leaves or flower garlands. Avoid buying natural flowers and bouquets for hanging into your homes. They are known to add beauty to our homes in a natural way but they also affect the nature in a negative way.


wood shavings as curtain splitters
Wood shavings as curtain splitters

Having the right ambience at home is essential to create the perfect environment. Most of the times, we feel perfect lighting is very important to provide the right ambience to our home so we go for costly bright lit chandeliers, fancy lights and lamps. This turns out to be costly option as it leads to excess electricity usage and can affect our electricity bills. How about a cheaper way to get the same ambiance using a fountain with circulating water which can generate power to light out attractive lamps and lanterns. This might be a better way to light our homes in an Eco friendly and cost effective manner. Did you know that your kitchen is like a Pandora’s Box? It has all the things required for home decor. Have you ever thought of hanging egg shells as trinkets? Using clean and washed egg shells is not only a way to add charm to your home but also keeps insects away. Another beautiful and eco friendly way to decorate your home is to hang small artistically painted mud pots and lamps. Have you ever seen the wood shaving at a furniture shop or after your carpenter fixes your doors and windows by scrapping the excessive wood?  These wood shavings which we often throw into the bin can be tied with colorful threads and hung as trinkets or curtain splitters.

wood shavings as curtain splitters
Egg shells for home decor

What do you do when your bangles break accidently? I’m sure we throw them into the bin because they can’t be worn again. But have you ever thought how you could put those broken pieces together to hang them as colorful trinkets or wall hangings in your home? Every month we call the raddiwala to dispose our stack of waste newspapers and magazines. Pick out a colorful sheet of newspaper or magazine and roll it into a beady shape or a cylinder and stick them. Use threads to put them together to hang them as garlands and hangings for home decor. Use of beads and sequins can be done for making tiny trinkets for decorating your home. Tiny bells and Chinese coins are an efficient way to decorate your homes. Bells can be hung near the windows and used as wind chimes to add music to the wind. What do we do to the ice cream sticks after our children eat ice cream, don’t we throw them away without thinking how we could reuse them to make wall hangings and trinkets for our homes.

hangings made of pots
Hangings made of clay pots

All the things around us can be put to use if we use our creativity and imagination. Every little thing that breaks or looks useless can be innovatively used to decorate our homes and add shades to our living room in an eco friendly manner. The so-called best out of waste is the most innovative way to put those useless things into use and convert those waste items into beautiful items for our homes. So, the next time you decide to decorate your home, go for more eco friendly items and look out for things in your Pandora’s Box to add charm to your home. And think twice before you dispose any broken items into the bin. Look at things around you and those tiny broken things in your jewelry box which may not be of any use to accessorize you but can add glitter and glam to your home.  Add creativity to your home and innovatively plan your home décor. Go for things which do not harm the environment because preserving nature in its pristine form is the need of the hour. Avoid using things which can harm the environment and live a more eco friendly lifestyle.


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