Factors to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Attorney

Facing criminal charges can be quite tormenting. Nobody wants to get trapped in legal suits because it can have severe consequences. If the defendant is found guilty, criminal charges can have drastic, life-altering consequences. Besides ruining your career, legal suits can drain your resources and leave you in a miserable condition. That’s why it’s crucial to have a qualified criminal defense attorney to represent you.

If you are facing criminal proceedings, you’re in serious trouble and seeking legal representation from a criminal defense lawyer is crucial. Only an experienced criminal attorney can determine the type of charges you are facing to suggest you available defenses. The attorney will also let you know about the plea bargains options and possible sentences if found guilty.

The importance of hiring an attorney cannot be denied. However, hiring the best criminal defense attorney to represent you is not easy. Given the complex nature of criminal cases, you need a lawyer who is competent enough to provide the best possible defense for your situation. Besides carrying a license to practice in your state, the lawyer you hire should also possess some qualities. So, if you’re searching for a good criminal defense attorney, here are some crucial factors to consider.

Area of Specialization

When you need legal representation for a criminal case, make sure you find a specialist. The attorney you hire should specialize in a specific area of criminal defense you’re seeking.  Not all lawyers are able to handle every type of criminal case. Depending on the nature of your charges, you can look for specializations like theft, domestic crimes, violent crimes, cybercrimes, etc. You can speak to the lawyer directly to know what types of cases he/she has taken on in the past.

Track Record and Reputation

The lawyer you choose also depends on the severity of your criminal charges. If your case is complicated and life-altering consequences are involved then you need a top-level attorney. Some lawyers are renowned for successfully handling complex and high-profile cases. Since every criminal case is intricate, always hire a reputed lawyer with an excellent track record. You can check the lawyer’s reputation by researching reviews, testimonials, and publications, and referrals.


Simply checking the license of the attorney is not sufficient. The criminal defense lawyer you hire should have at least 10+ years of experience in criminal defense law. It’s best to look for an established criminal law firm that has years of experience in handling various types of criminal cases. Only attorneys with relevant experience and right credentials are competent and familiar with the local rules to fight for you in the courtroom. If you want to successfully navigate the complex legal processes, make sure to hire an experienced lawyer.


When it comes to life-changing criminal charges, money becomes a secondary thing. You should not choose a lawyer by comparing fees but it’s wise to know how much it’s going to cost you. The cost of hiring an attorney depends on several factors such as attorney’s experience, the severity of charges, duration of the case, the jurisdiction in which the charges were filed, and more. So, consider all these factors to make sure you find a competent lawyer who charges a reasonable fee.


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