What are the features that make electronic gadgets eco-friendly?

We are all love gadgets. Be it a tablet, mobile phone or mp3- we all own at least one expensive gadget. This tech-savvy generation cannot survive without gadgets. They have become a very important part of our life. To keep ourselves up-to-date with market trends, we keep changing and improving upon our gadgets, not even thinking once about their effects upon the environment.

Electronic equipments use up a lot of energy and hence elevates our carbon footprint drastically. The more electricity we use, the more fossil fuels we burn. The use of electricity is a major contributor in global warming. It releases a lot of carbon dioxide and other harmful green house gases in the air. Moreover, they don’t degrade easily. When they get old most of the gadgets end up in landfills. There they emit harmful chemicals in the air and into the land.

It is hard to imagine our lives without gadgets. We may never be able to give up on them. But what we can do is choose the eco-friendly alternative while buying them. There is always an eco-friendly alternative that we can opt for. Some gadgets are indeed greener compared to others- they have been specifically designed to help save energy and in the process protect the environment. There are also some that are made from recycled or bio-degradable materials.


Here are a few features that you should look for in your electrical appliances the next time you buy them-

  • It should be energy efficient

Having an energy star is a must for any electronic equipment that you buy. From fridge to microwave, televisions to chimney- energy efficient electronics use less electricity and hence reduce your carbon footprint. An energy efficient gadget can use as much as forty times less energy than the conventional ones. Some even feature a power saving mode that very effectively helps them determine when to use less power, like when not in full use. These reduce your bills too and are thus the more viable options.


  • It should be bio-degradable

Nowadays many electronic gadgets are being made up of bio-degradable environment friendly products like bamboo or bio-degradable plastic. Bamboo trimmed laptops are getting really popular for the eco-friendly population. The interiors of the laptop also come with energy efficient settings.


  • It should be recycled

Mobile phone and laptops made from recyclable materials are available in the market. Not only that, some are themselves made from recycled materials. Even well known brands are coming up with gadgets made from recycled parts. This is an ingenious way of putting an old gadget to good use instead of throwing them in landfills.

  • It should be solar powered

Solar powered gadgets are becoming pretty common these days. Solar powered chargers, solar speakers and solar panelled mobile phones have made their impact on the market. While solar panelled mobile phones depend on the solar panel at the back for charging, solar speakers also contain panels that convert solar energy to electric power. Solar powered mp3 players store the energy in their solar cells. You can not only play music and movies on these players but also use the extra energy stored in the cells for charging cameras and phones. You can even get solar powered Wi-Fi’s at some stores that absorb sunlight to charge themselves giving you almost seventy two hours of uninterrupted Wi-Fi to enjoy. This is especially useful in remote locations where there is no electricity.


It doesn’t mean that your gadget must contain all of the above characteristics. Even one or two of these features can make the gadget eco-friendly and save the earth from imminent destruction. Some other points should be kept in mind while buying electronic gadgets. They are as follows-

  • Don’t forget to look at the packaging. Look for companies that have 100% eco-friendly packaging for their products. Eco-friendly packaging is an added bonus to your green efforts.
  • Your electronic equipments almost always come with batteries. Make sure that the batteries are reusable and rechargeable and not disposable. Disposable batteries emit toxic chemicals in to the environment. They also don’t disintegrate into the soil. Disposable batteries are creating unnecessary junk on the planet.
  • The manufacturing of the products is also crucial in determining the eco-friendliness of a product. Make sure the manufacturing is done as sustainably as possible, using less fossil fuels and labour. Also, see to it that the company uses a small number of materials in their production. Only buy products from those companies who employ eco-friendly methods in their production and manufacturing.
  • It is important to buy products that don’t release toxic chemicals in the air. They can not only be detrimental for your health but for the environment too.

If you find these features in your gadgets, you know that you have chosen the eco-friendly path towards a greener planet. If you don’t, then be sure to buy an eco-friendly gadget from next time instead of a conventional one. Choose wisely for your planet.





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