Fight Fatigue with YOGA !


In the race of life, Humans are trapped for the fulfillment of human needs and materialistic wants .The people living in 21st century would quickly invest in the properties and would think a million of times to invest in his health .Rapid growth of industries –concrete jungles increases the pollution and adulterates the healthy atmosphere. If you look around, people suffering from chronic fatigues, always stressed less enthusiastic and suffering from several breathing problems. A habit of being lazy and dull may hamper your immune system and medicines always may not give better results for that you have to take some steps and move towards healthy living. And one of the best solutions to beat, your inability to do something and several health problems is YOGA!

Yoga is not just about foiled and fettered as contorted poses, but much more than that, It is 5000 years old of Indian knowledge. Yoga is all about harmonizing the body with the mind, it consist of 3 aspects, Aasanas (stretches and exercises), Breathing techniques (pranayama) and Meditation

There are few exercises or postures of which one should to do to release the fatigues and aches. Out of several effective aasanas there are few which I would like to mention, which are beneficial in all aspects and less time consuming.

Some of aasanas which are mentioned below can be done easily and are emphatic


Vajra means Diamond, by the regular practice of this posture, body become strong like diamond. So it is called as Vajrasan.

The only one Yoga posture which one can do after having meal is Vajrasana.If one sit every day after food for at least five minutes it’s very good to normalize the digestion.


In Sanskrit ‘Tada’ means palm tree. In the final position of this posture body is steady like Palm tree, so this posture called as ‘Tadasana’


This posture develops sense of balance.
The abdominal organs and muscles are toned up in this posture.
The whole body is stretched, which loosens the entire spinal column from top to bottom
It is also Good posture to increase the concentration


Paschima means back or west, uttana means to stretch, in this posture back stretches nicely, so called back stretching pose. This posture also called asUgrasana


Its helpful to remove excess fat from the abdominal region.
This posture helpful to overcome from diabetes, flatulence, constipation.
This asana is good to harmonize the nervous and panic energies within the body. So it’s very useful for helping to bring about states of meditation.

Padma means lotus, the final position of this posture looks like lotus, so it is called Padmasana.
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And finally, Padmasana is called as destroyer of disease.
Helpful for people with emotional and nervous disorders. Helpful to balance panic and mental forces.
Very good meditative posture.
Brings about changes in metabolic structure and brain patterns and this helps create balance in the whole system and alsoHelpful to prevent knee pain.

As per Hatha yoga pradeepika one of the classical texts of yoga padmasana is very good to overcome from diseases.

like 4 of these postures there are numerous which are  postures or aasanas ,which can be done for attaining physical fitness . But while fulfilling and attaining the professional and personal goals , we are put on our toes to accomplish our commitments , so many levels with sake kind of zeal !

Feeling low , stressed ,several health problems may cause hinderance . Nagging aches, lowering energy levels, feeling exhausted are nothing but side effects of contaminated atmosphere we are living, to survive out of such aches and fatigues . You would have to lock your lazy and unhealthy living behind the bars.

Take out time from your tight schedules and invest in yourself. In long term, however there are no choices. You have to find ways to rejuvenate and energize

If 30 minutes of yoga practiced daily may release you from all the fatigues and aches, warm up , simple stretches and Suryanamaskar


Suryanamaskar is the one of the most effective aasana , which a contains 12 different aasanas in it, it helps to release aches from all parts of body .Remove toxins and boosts one’s energy level at zenith.

surya namaskar


After doing yoga poses and stretches, relax and sooth your mind with pranayama and complete it with meditation

We live in cities ,where we are in hurry and flurry 24 by 7 and increasing population in cities ,congesting areas , increase in waste , polluted air ,water ,noise and nuisances  hampers one’s health ,it may be a small child or old persons . In this ramified polluted and adulterated living we need to take a step to move ahead of this wrenched living to healthier living. There is need of change which one should bring in him.

Living in metropolitan cities is not an easy job in it self. Continuous pressures, living in congested and contaminated surroundings give birth to chronic breathing disease, stress, migraine problems, asthama, etc. to protect ourself from such hazardous disease which may affect your whole life.Then why not invest 30 minutes daily in you?

Stop thinking and Lets’ not give excuses and give new direction for healthy living in the polluted surroundings


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