Four Easy Tips to Make Your Home Winter Ready

As your lifestyles make a natural transition with changing seasons, so should your homes. The cold weather is fast-approaching; you should expect a tremendous drop in the temperature and be prepared to handle the freezing winds and serious snowfall.

Since your house is going to take a major hit during this time of the year, you have got to be smart and proactive to reduce the level of havoc that can potentially wreak your house and yard. Here are four simple tips to effectively winterize your home and make it a lot more enjoyable:

Inspect the Heaters and Fireplace

If you use heaters in winters, you have to send them to service before putting them to use after months. In case you rely on wood to stay warm, you better give a good scrubbing to your fireplace and ensure that it is in good shape for the burning season.

Make sure the chimney cap is present and is working properly. Check for any birds’ nest or debris build-up on the cap. Also, remove any tree limbs above or near the chimney. Besides, stock up on firewood and keep it dry at all times to keep your home warm throughout.

Examine the Roof

It certainly doesn’t sound good that your roof starts leaking right after the first snow hits. That is why homeowners are recommended to carry out a roof inspection to spot the potential issues well ahead of time and get them repaired at the earliest.

It is crucial to look out for cracked caulk or rust spots, any missing or broken shingles, worn rubber boots around vent pipes, black algae stains, and other similar signs/warnings that can get untameable later down the road.

Clean Out Pipes and Gutters

Clogged rain gutters or downspouts are the two major troubles that come along the fall season. There can be unexpected flooding during snowstorms and hails, and in case the pipelines are clogged, it can cause ice dams that can lead to expensive repairs.

So, whether you hire someone, or climb up the ladder yourself, just get rid of the leaves, twigs, and gunk to avoid blockages. Also, tighten the gutter hangers, and replace any worn or damaged materials that you see.

Prep Up your Windows & Doors

Since windows and doors are the big energy outlets of a home, it is important to secure them to obstruct the chilly winds from entering inside. An easy solution to this is to caulking the crevices. Alternatively, repaint the windows to heal small gaps and achieve a fresh look of the room.

You can also consider switching to Energy Star rated window replacements. Such windows keep the effects of outdoor elements at bay and form a strong barrier against the freezing weather. They keep your home cozy no matter what is the temperature outside and also cut down your utility bills.


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