Green business is the good business!

The fact would really amaze us that not only concerned citizens, politicians and Non profit organisations are making their drive green, but also some big name companies have realized their hand in the “Go Green” campaign. Companies have realized the motive, benefits and profitable gains with the green gains.
Reports say that the environmentalists no longer need to make “the business case” for resource efficiency to companies. Most firms now know that it is in their best interests to “go green,” for both the costs savings and the good will generated for their brands.
It is quite simple to feel vulnerable and exhausted hearing about the various environmental crises, issue like, global warming, acid rains, environmental pollution and what not coming in the way of a healthier planet. But, it is even more appalling to note that the richer companies are adding on to the problems with their emission levels, polluting products and what not! But we have got the real deal. We have the companies going green, producing green, marketing green and in short living green, thus growing like a huge tree. It is appreciable to note that companies associated with carbon emissions, power usage, water consumption, etc have reduced their levels of polluting the environment. Not only those, there are brand which have nothing to do with power and energy, but even then working towards a greener environment.
Here are some companies which truly deserve applaud and appreciation for doing their bit towards a healthier and cleaner planet, with the brand name EARTH:

1. Panasonic: Panasonic, advertising its green products with the name “econavi” technology not only plays its role as an environment protector but also spreads awareness and boosts the morale of thousands of television watchers towards saving the environment.
Panasonic’s famous “Econavi” range of televisions and air conditioners are based on the lower energy consumption and energy conservation.
Econavi home appliances bring into play sensor and control technologies to curtail energy consumption, based on a particular family’s lifestyle.
For instance, a door-opening sensor and lighting sensor allows the refrigerator to learn the time periods when the family on average doesn’t use – when they’re sleeping or away from home. The refrigerator goes into sleep mode accordingly.
Panasonic aims to be the top green innovation company by the 2018 and thus lays a lot of emphasis on eco friendly products.

2. Nokia- another lead in the world of environmentalists has already won The Greenpeace award chiefly because of its famous back take-back program in India. It is renowned for launching models free of PVC, brominated flame retardants and antimony trioxide.
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And now it has launched its nokia bicycle charger kit (dc-14) compatible with only nokia phones comes into operation with a speed of 6km/h to 50km/ h.

3. Voltas– the famous company voltas set a trend of having energy star ratings on their home appliances which was made compulsory by the Indian government.
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Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products that originated in the US. These products with energy stars consume 20-30 percent less energy than set standards.

4. Samsung-A leading brand of LED televisions and touch screen phones, it aims at producing such products that are easier to recycle and dispose off.

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Their famous “Touch of Color” (TOC) technology doesn’t use paints, sprays, glues or any other volatile organic compounds (VOC), thus satisfying their basic aim. It has also launched its advanced range of Split ACs, which claim to save up to 60 per cent energy.

5. Bank of America-
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Proves to be an environmentally forward company with its endeavour of reducing paper consumption by 32% keeping in mind a 24% growth in its customer base. Bank of America also operates a recycling program enough for saving 200000 trees per annum. The company is laying emphasis on environment to such an extent that it also provides incentives and cash back rewards for buying hybrid vehicles. Simply amazing.

6. Starbucks coffee-
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A lot can happen over coffee! Oh yes, it requires a great deal of imagination of how a coffee shop would help save the environment. It has green advocates smiling about its ‘bean to cup’ approach. It corresponds to the companies initiative of using the recycled paper as the sleeves of the coffee cup which roughly saves 80000 trees round the year. Starbucks has also partnered up with many environmental organizations, from Conservation International to the Earthwatch Institute, in efforts to do right by the communities it operates in.

7. Continental airlines-
This company is legendarily working towards lessening the environmental impact of its airlines by not only employing a number of full time environmentalists who are working day and night hand in hand with the engine manufacturers to design greener, more efficient processes into company operations. The company spent billions in the last decade to simply replace its entire fleet of airplanes with more fuel efficient ones. It introduced into its airplanes the installation of fuel saving winglets that cuts emissions 5%. The company is still struggling with the environmental issues and thus makes a point of segregating all of its trash to see what can be recycled.


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