Green Cleaning Products to keep your Home Safe

How we live determines how we feel. Therefore, we all want to be living in an attractive setting and for that cleanliness is a necessity. We may have a clean house but the various cleaning products that we use every day without putting much thought into how we are choosing them are very much responsible for how we feel except for the virtual setting of our immediate environment. From a perfect bathroom to the bedroom and the living room, the bathroom cleaner, the glass and surface cleaner and the all-purpose cleaner that we use to make it all look so flawless are affecting us much more than you could possibly imagine. If you have a growing baby living with you, then it can make matters worse as their underdeveloped immune system expose them to the risk of innumerable vulnerabilities.


The chemicals and the toxic substances that are used in making these daily cleaners tell a horrible tale of hazardous health effects. To name one, these chemicals emit volatile organic compounds, the exposure to which for over a long time may cause various respiratory and dermatological conditions. It’s not you alone, we are all affected by it but chances are if you are suffering from one of the side-effects of these daily products, it will not even occur to you that it is not the dirt that is making you sick but the process that you are using to clean it.

The effect is subtle and expands over a period of long time, too trivial for you to pause and notice exactly how it happens. But to cite an immediate example, a commonly used surfactant ingredient in cleaners called alkylphenol ethoxylates is proven to be an endocrine disrupter which results in various reproductive failures as noticed in the wildlife exposed to the content in their aquatic habitat.

Therefore, an urgent replacement to such products at a wide scale is the desperate call of the environment. The species that are at the direct receiving end of the toxic chemicals used in the cleaning products are mostly aquatic animals as the water bodies bear the burden of untreated toxic elements dissolving into it.


One such replacement is offered by the process of ‘green cleaning’ which refers to using “eco-friendly” or environmentally friendly products to clean your home. These products are made keeping in mind the human health and environmental requirements. These biodegradable cleaning products are constantly marketed under the term ‘green’, ‘eco-friendly’, ‘environment-friendly’, ‘nature-friendly’ etc. but some of us do fail to note the essence of these terms as we deem it acceptable to decline to use such products. This is partly because of the unawareness among the people about the importance of green cleaning and partly because of the marketing strategy that the brands using the hazardous chemicals in their cleaners have developed, which is a sense familiarity with the customers by virtue of their repetitive advertisements. Today in this day and age of such blind media control, it is important that we delve deeper than what we are being told in the ads and by the brand ambassadors.

However, when the right decision is made, there is no dearth of green products in the market when it comes to having a nature-friendly home. There are various products by the brands as such as ProKlean, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Green Works, Simple Green and similar others which will serve house cleaners for all your requirements. These products are behavioral and made with healthy and environment-friendly products. A switch to green cleaning can be an investment for a lifetime if you understand and value health and care for your dear ones.

But the most fascinating discovery that I came across and I am sure it will make your day too is the use of microfiber clothes for cleaning. A simple combination of water and a microfiber cloth can remove 99% of the bacteria. As shocking as it might seem with the degradation in environment quality all over the planet, it is much pleasant and greener a news for the human soul. Microfiber clothes are easily available in the market, which can be purchased online or bought from the nearest all-purpose stores.


Apart from microfiber clothes, the varieties of products available for the purpose of green cleaning are liquid hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, surface scrub etc. in various natural flavours of lemon, basil and others from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. But if this is expensive for you, then you can always depend on ProKlean for quality home cleaning products like ProKlean Deep Impact, ProKlean Shine and ProKlean Grease Buster. Other products you can look for are Super Wosh, Drain-O-Zyme, Snell Surgizyme, Refresh Air etc. Any standard all purpose store or a shopping mall will have eco-friendly cleaning products, you only have to look for it.

The products in green cleaning range from hand wash, soaps, detergents, surface cleaners, glass and table cleaners to dish wash and bathroom cleaners. So once a sound step towards a safe future is taken, there are people working on the process to ensure your health and well-being and constantly coming up with more friendly, healthy and natural products to make this planet a better place for all of us. Here’s an invitation to be a part of the green movement.


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