How Can You Check The Quality Of Your Diamond?

Diamonds are among the most expensive stones in this planet, and diamond jewellery has a different kind of appeal altogether. It is a wish for a lot of people to be able to afford diamond jewellery, and for others, it is a way to display their social standing and wealth. Diamonds are also, unfortunately, very easy to fake, especially because to the untrained eye, fake ones can look extremely convincing. Usually when people buy diamonds, they do it from only very reputed brands that can give a guarantee for the product, however, if you want to be extra sure, there is always a way you can determine the quality of the diamond you are buying.

The most common measure of quality for diamonds is the 4C’s system- which refers to the colour of the diamond, clarity of the diamond, size or carat weight of the diamond and cut of the diamond. All of these affect the price and therefore the quality of the diamond, so being acquainted with these before making a purchase will ensure you can purchase the right one for yourself. We will explain these in the following paragraphs.

Other than these, another very important factor to weigh in is the certification of the diamond. This si the real mark of authenticity and without these, even if the other conditions are fulfilled, you can rest assured that your purchase is not a genuine one.

  1. Colour of the diamond.

This is the first point to note, as diamonds of the best quality are meant to be colourless and completely translucent without any tints. As the quality of the diamond decreases, one can notice yellowish or brownish tints in the diamond. Some of these colours and variations are not very specific to the untrained eye but experts can easily tell the quality of the diamond by looking at its colour. However, some diamonds that naturally come in a different colour are extremely rare and therefore even more expensive, such as the red diamond.

  1. Clarity rating.

This refers to the smaller inclusions in the stone, which is a natural thing since the stone lays under the earth for millions of years. The lesser the inclusions, greater is the quality of the diamond. Usually, diamonds that have the most spotless colour have lesser inclusions and are therefore of better quality.

  1. Carat weight.

This is usually the most decisive of all factors, since this technically denotes the size of the diamond and thus its value. It is generally considered that that the bigger the carat size, the better is the diamond quality. However, this is not an absolute objective factor, because sometimes diamonds can have different physical sizes despite having the same carat weight, depending on their cut.

  1. Cut quality.

This refers to the aesthetic cut of the diamond, so that it reflects light from every way and looks better. usually, diamonds are cut in round shape since this is the easiest for light reflection, but other cuts need to be more precise and accurate.


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