Lead the Way to Greener World

“Hey! That’s not my job now, is it?” Our most common response when someone lectures us about the importance of how the planet is coming to an end or how life is in even more danger than anticipated before and the certain measures that must be undertaken at its earliest. But my dear readers, how is it not our job? After all we have to live and exist on this same planet only, don’t we? Besides I don’t recall reading that the previous or next mars expedition was or will be successful enough so as to guarantee me a spot on the first sky scraper built there in case things didn’t work out here!

Seriously though, somewhere the blame game has to stop. Its time my warriors that we kept our head held high and decided to walk the tight rope with the determination of a soldier that would put any commoner not treading our path to shame. It doesn’t necessarily have to start with something extremely high end and please neither am I asking for us to join hands and create a multimillion dollar machine that will automatically save our planet by clicking on one button. That’s preposterous to expect and assume (though I am not against the idea if it helps at all). This is our planet earth…our mother and it deserves the exact amount of love and care and attention just like a human does!

Science textbooks always emphasised on the importance of our planet and all we did was learn to get marks and bid adieu to it later. But now, we shall implement those values again and put it to good use for the best. Doesn’t take hours to switch off the light and fans when not in use. Just a second or two and hey, if it saves up on your electricity bill, then why not? Car pooling though may sound a question of status for a lot of people, think about it in this way. You are reaching the same place, the same destination, probably with a friend or neighbour or co-worker, it is the perfect time to establish a new relationship and friendship (just a fair reminder, you never know this person might just be extremely handsome or beautiful and impressed by your kindness)! Public transport is the best way to travel. Yes it is hectic and sweaty and noisy as compared to the warmth ambience of your car but then again where else can u get this amazing joy ride of your city or town or village and breathe in its air. I know for one, that my car ride could never compare the joy of travelling in that local train or bus, gazing out the window in pure luxury and saving up on petrol money. Especially in times when they are sky rocketing!

Get your cars serviced. Remember if you are screaming profanities at others for not keeping their exhaust fumes in check, they are doing the same to you. And look around readers, we are a bunch of hypocrites who will want our work station, room, bed, house, car clean but not the very place we walk on. Honestly though, what are you going to do with the two minutes that you could’ve walked up to the nearest dustbin and thrown your wrappers and stuff off instead of throwing it on the ground? Forgive me for being brutally honest here, you don’t tolerate when someone throws litter in your house because it’s your place to reside, butsomehow that makes it okay for us to litter the road because we don’t live there? This is called hypocrisy at its best. Look around people, the world is really beautiful. You can’t purposely stain something and call it ugly, it’s a dab on your conscious not theirs.

You know when your grandpa or dad tell you stories of how there was this hug banyan tree just round the corner of your lane and how they used to climb it and swing on the roots day in and day out? It sounds so much fun and interesting! I admit it is true late for us to plant a tree and swing on it now but I’ll be more than happy if someday my kids come running to me tattling about the most awesome experience of climbing that tree! Water…our reason for existence! So many laws have come up and yet we are still the same. Drinking water may be a luxury for us but why do we fail to realise it is a rare occurrence and a miles long journey for those deprived of it! The taps don’t always have to be running. A drop wasted here can be a drop to quench someone’s thirst somewhere else. Close the taps when not in use, use a lid or pressure cooker for cooking, walk if it is a small distance, most importantly look around! I honestly think it’s time to stop being selfish now and give it a thought.

Every heard ‘A single step forward is the start of a miles long journey.’ It’s time to put that first foot forward. Little things can be rewarding and a small step today can craft the blue print of a better tomorrow. Recaenvironmentneducationll our good old days when cycling or walking to school was a fun activity, not an option or the days when the world of imagination was our play ground not the seat before my laptop or when gardens were a place to relax and catch fresh air and learn the latest gossip not sit on a park bench and text while throwing random candy wrappers on the grass besides. This can all be brought back. Let’s be leader’s and not mere followers and the rest will eventually follow just like a new trend in the city. Show your enthusiasm for the environment in such a manner that the one destroying it is constantly pricked by his conscious.

I know what most of them think, because honestly even I did, on the similar manner and it is easier said than done and even easier to preach than to follow. But honestly I know that when I have a kid in the future, I don’t want him to read about trees, water, and environment only in textbooks…I want him to be able to live it and also treasure it! It is a small bit on my side but if everyone participates in doing at least the smallest of things and giving the littlest of effort, it isn’t that a far-fetched day when our future will be a more rewarding place and this planet a happier destination. The more I think, the more mars sounds dull in comparison, doesn’t it?!


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