Natural green medicines : Prolong your life span!

With our never-ending ailments and weaknesses, we are very prone to fall ill every now and then. No matter which doctor we visit or what medication we take, it’s the potential concealed within the medicine that eventually cures us.

natural medicine
Medicinal plants have an incredible power of healing. They are used around the globe since they have a traditional significance. Moreover, medicines derived from plants have begun to replace the conventional drugs in a medical store.

natural medicine
There are a variety of medicinal plants. Even the dandelions or nettles that you find scattered in mediocre places are found to have medicinal properties.
The plants that are termed as medicinal have many chemical compounds present in them. These compounds have the ability to immune a person against attacks of fungi, insects and many other skin diseases.
Besides, they are very good at enhancing the biological functions of the human body too. Thus, they are a very good substitute to the conventional medicines that we find in the drug store.
The study of the uses of the various plants and the relation between human beings and the flora is collectively called as Ethnobotany.
Apparently, 80 percent of the population in Asian and African countries use the medicinal properties of certain plants, estimates the World health organization.
Also, some of the spices that are used in cooking are also used as medicines.
Even during the Paleolithic age, plants and their medicinal properties were used to heal ailments.
Even about 5000 years ago, the medicinal plants like juniper, mandrake, castor bean and aloe and their phenomenal properties were written down by the Sumerians on clay tablets so that the significance and preponderance of these plants were carried down towards the future.
In fact, many researchers have attempted to find more of such plants by trial and error method. The scientists also found that there is a compound called as salicylic acid in the bark of the willow tree which in turn forms the most important content in aspirins.

There are number of such medicinal plants. I’ll just brief here , the benefits of  some of them :

1) Chinese yam:
This is one of the best remedies to cure disorders pertaining to lungs, kidneys, stomach and spleen. The other problems that it helps in curing are diabetes, diarrhea, improper digestion and also problems that one experiences in urination.

chinese yam

2) Aloe Vera:


The squelchy sap that is present in Aloe Vera has some of the brilliant properties of curing problems like skin allergies and eczema. This sap is high in vitamins and minerals too.
This is a plant that grows easily in the presence of sun and in the generous presence of moist soil.
Moreover, even the Aloe juice when consumed, improves one’s appetite, helps in detoxification and aids in proper digestion too. It immensely helps in improving cardiovascular health too.
Thus, Aloe Vera has termed to be a very useful plant that has been used around the globe for its fascinating benefits and uses.

3) Basil leaves:

basil leaves
It has been widely used for its properties like helping in curing any kind of cuts and open wounds   in the body and also helps in regaining lost appetite. Besides, it helps in curing ear infections and in reducing stress levels caused by the busy schedules in our  day-to-day lives.

4) The Fenugreek seeds:

fenugreek seeds
These seeds have some of the best nutritional benefits like curing stomach inflammation and also the hardening of arteries which is termed as atherosclerosis. It can also be used to treat leg ulcers and swelling of lymph nodes.
Moreover, it also can help you freshen your breathe too!! Now that’s one best alternative to the mouth fresheners available in market.

5) Tea tree:

tea tree

This is the best remedy if you have exasperating hair fall problems and headaches .
It has some of the amazing properties like curing Athlete’s foot, fever and also insect bites .
It can also be used an antiseptic as it has  anti fungal and antibacterial properties to top it all.

6) Lemon balm:

lemon balm
It has a very scintillating and a fresh minty smell .
Moreover the flowers present on this plant are used to suppress the inflammation caused by insect bites like mosquito bites and also to cure any sores present on one’s body too.
The juice that is extracted from this plant has some incredible properties of curing cold, cough, fevers and also sleeping sicknesses like insomnia .

7) Pot marigold:

pot marigold
This is a plant that grows easily under any climatic circumstances. It grows freely and is easily available too. It does have some amazing benefits like treating skin diseases. Also, it helps in curing sores and insect bites just like the lemon balm.
It helps in treating common health problems like fever too.

8) Ginseng:

This has an amazing ability to help one acquire prolonged good health.
The roots of this amazing plant have some unique benefits like, augmenting the hormone secretion and immunity of the body. Besides, it also helps in improving one’s blood pressure levels .

These are some of the medicinal plants having benevolent properties that help one in procuring good health and a longer life.Moreover, using green medicine like this is apparently not harmful to one’s body too, unlike the conventional medicines that are readily available in drugstores.
Using medicinal plants as a natural medication, not only serves as reliable to a sensitive human body but also adds more years to one’s ostensible life span too!


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