The secret behind a word – TREE

importance of trees
plant a tree
They are time-honored, solemn and wise,
They are noble, sacred and ancient,
They reach the highest heavens and penetrate into the deepest secret of the Earth.
They are the largest living beings on Earth.
They are in communion with spiritual and the material.
They guard our wealthy forests, holy and sanctified places not to be spoilt.
They act as our canopy, keep a watch over us,
They provide us everything needed for our survival on this planet.
They are a focal point for meditation, enlightenment, guidance and inspiration.
They are pure, they are holy.
They are our saviors and god-fathers.
They are the reason why we are alive today.
This is all what a tree gives us and does for us. Trees are our best friend in life. They are the sole reason for our survival without which life would be impossible on this Blue planet. They are our savior in disguise.
Since, ancient times trees have furnished us with two important things- food and oxygen. The list of benefits that Trees provide is so long that one might believe its exaggeration, but it is not. Trees promote life. Not only do they provide pure and life-giving oxygen and sequester carbon dioxide, but they also are a home to millions of animals. They are natural purifiers and air-conditioners. They absorb odors and polluting gases (nitrous oxides, ammonia, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ozone) and filter them by trapping it in their leaves and bark. They also help in combating global warming which is the main reason behind destroying tropical rainforests.
Trees also cool the temperature in the cities by 10 degree Celsius, by shading our houses and breaking the heat-island. Trees are a useful weapon against air, water and soil pollution. They help in air purification and reducing the temperature, helping in air pollution reduction. They reduce run-offs and prevent storm water from carrying them into the water bodies. They act as a sponge filtering water naturally and recharging ground water supply. They also hold soil particles in place preventing soil erosion. They reduce UV-B rays exposure by 50% protecting children when they spend hours outdoors.
Trees are the only source of food to humans, birds and wildlife without which survival is impossible. They help in building stamina and provide energy to carry out daily activities. Trees mark the beginning of various seasons. Seasons can be recognized by looking at the trees. Trees also provide economic activities in orchards. Trees masking concrete walls or parking lots absorb dust and wind to reduce glare. They also absorb the hustle-bustle of the city noise. They provide wood and timber for construction and fuel uses. Trees also provide raw material for paper production.
They increase the aesthetic value and enhance the beauty of the surroundings. Beautiful flowers and delicious fruits bloom on its tender branches. They help in increasing our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban setting. Trees control climate by moderating the effects of the sun, wind and wind. They also prevent warmth by providing a screen from harsh winds. Leaf- covered branches protect small animals like birds and squirrels from the attack of predators. Trees also help in bringing together diverse groups of people for community benefit and empowerment in order to improve the quality of life.
In an year an average tree inhales 26 pounds of carbon dioxide, the amount emitted by a single car covering 11,000 miles. This same tree exhales enough oxygen to keep a family of 4 breathing for a year. Three trees placed around a single family house helps in cutting summer air by 50%. Thus it is very evident that trees play a vital role in every facet of our life.
But we humans don’t realize the importance of trees and have brutally cut down most of our forest covers and rain forests and converted them into agricultural and industrial lands. We have expanded colonies after colonies by stripping of our green cover. This is not the case of a particular country or place. This is a worldwide phenomenon. We have become so selfish and greedy that we have destroyed the homes and the only source of our living and survival- the Trees. We must pause for a second and wonder how many trees will be left for our children.
In the present scenario, planting a tree is the only solution to all our problems. The problems arising from deforestation, urbanization, pollution, population explosion can be solved by planting trees. Plant a tree on your Birthday and gift a sapling to your friends on their birthday are small steps that can be taken by every individual.
Most of us don’t realize the importance of a tree. We take them for granted. We should know that from the time we get up in the morning till we sleep in the night, we use products they are direct or indirectly derived from trees. Thus, it is very importance that we treat them properly and not brutally murder and kill them for our selfish needs and wants. “Trees are Earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven”. They are the only way in which the beauty and richness of our ecosystem can be maintained. Let’s do our bit to save the sinking glory of our beautiful, enriched environment and make our world a better and safer place for survival.


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