Signs That Your Car Battery Needs A Replacement

Your battery is the only thing that keeps your vehicle working. Battery plays a very important role in starting your engine and it also supports other such electrical components of your car. The life of a car battery depends upon its capability and how often it is recharged.

If you take proper care of your battery and drive under good circumstances avoiding any increase in temperatures and humidity then your battery is likely to last atleast six years. But if you notice any signs that say your battery might be failing then you need to take these signs seriously and immediately resort to battery replacement.

Below given are some signs that your car battery needs a replacement :

Your engine becomes faulty :

  • Sometimes your engine doesn’t tend to start and the most probable reason behind it would be a faulty battery. There might be chances that a battery terminal got corroded which cuts down the electricity flowing towards the battery which ultimately stops the motor from starting.
  • Even it could be possible that engine cranks but won’t ultimately start and the reasons could be an old battery, or lights of the car were left on for long which ultimately affected the battery’s life and ceased it from working.
  • If you notice any such signs or face any difficulty while starting the engine then immediately resort to battery replacement because that would be a wise decision for the betterment of your vehicle as well.


The battery starts leaking :

  • If your car battery becomes swollen, cracked or starts leaking then these are the signs that your battery needs replacement. And if you ignore such signs then it worsens the whole thing and would ultimately affect your car as well.
  • Sometimes people take battery leaking very lightly and they do not take it as a sign of replacement. This not only affects the life of your battery but also affects the life of your car as well.
  • The moment you notice any battery leaks you need to take it seriously and apply for timely battery replacement.


Electrical issues :

  • A car battery supports all the electronics present in your car be it the car lights or the radio. If the battery becomes faulty, the operation of all these electronics will become difficult. This is a clear indication that your battery needs to be replaced.
  • Whenever you face any such difficulty in operation of the electronics in your car then it is your clue that your battery has expired and needs a replacement. If you still continue using your battery besides these issues then might affect the condition of your car as well.


Unpleasant odour :

  • Battery gas leaks could be a cause of a damaged battery. If you come across any such unpleasant odour then it is a sign that your battery has become faulty and requires a replacement.
  • Never ever ignore this bad smell because that could again worsen the whole thing, rather resort to battery replacement.


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