SOLAR ENERGY: The Birth of a New Source

We often hear the words: the resources of our nation, rather, of the entire world are depleting. What is meant by this? It means that resources are being exhausted at a rate faster than they can be replenished.

Resources are classified into two types:
1) Renewable resources: As the name suggests, these are resources which replenish over time through processes.

2) Non-renewable resources: These are mainly resources that take millions of years to replenish. They are finite in nature.

Either ways, any of these resources if used at a rate faster than which they can be replenished would lead to depletion of resources. But the most important point is what causes their depletion? Some of the factors identified are as follows:

  • Overconsumption of resources
  • Overpopulation
  • Mining
  • Erosion

These are few of the factors identified as a cause for depletion of resources throughout the world, but apart from all these factors research has suggested solar energy to be one of the most promising renewable resource.

So what is this Solar energy we talk about and how is this helpful, let us look deeper into the matter.

Solar energy is the use of the rays, heat and radiation provided by the sun which is harnessed by various ever evolving technologies, converted to provide as a source of energy. This conversion of Solar energy may be active or passive by nature depending on the technique used to convert the rays of the sun into energy.

Solar energy is a free and clean source of energy that should be adopted not only by industrialists to be used as a source of energy, but also by common people. We are all people who contribute in every way to the good and bad of this world, but after having successfully depleted the resources Mother Nature provided to us to fulfil our needs, and which we have insensitively used to satisfy our greed. Yet she has been kind and given us a new source of energy to use, which is a boon – Solar energy which can rightly be called the next generation energy source.


So how can we use this energy source to our advantage..

Technological advancement has helped us overcome many obstacles and it also has allowed us to overcome the problems of converting the rays of the sun into Solar energy. Some of the basic advancements that they have discovered and which can be used by the common people is:

1)      Solar Heaters: These are heaters help heat water. At low latitudes up to 55% to 65% of the hot water used for domestic purposes (up to 60 degrees) can be provided by solar heaters.

2)      Solar Cookers: The other basic need that can be catered by solar energy is cooking with the help of it. They are divided into three types:

a)      Box cookers

b)      Panel cookers

c)      Reflector cookers

3)      Solar Power: Conversion of sunlight into electricity refers to solar power. This can be done mainly in two ways, either directly or indirectly. Sunlight can be directly converted into solar power using Photovoltaics (PV) and indirectly In the concentrated solar power techniques.

4)      Solar cars: This is a new invention and still under Research, but would be one of the most productive uses of Solar Energy if successfully completed. This would help in reducing pollution, save on petrol and diesel.

These are only some of the ways we can conserve our non-renewable sources of energy and not to mention, will help us step forward into a generation of cleaner and greener surrounding. Why consume energy when you can generate it? The benefits of using solar energy are not only limited to the environment but also helps save money. Some sources say that a great amount of your electricity bill (about 50%) can be reduced. Environmentally, solar generated electricity power plants are said to have zero emissions. Also with the continual advancements in the area of solar panel technology, it will increase the efficiency and reduce costs of production thereby making it highly cost productive and efficient by nature. Many everyday items can be used on solar power, like calculators, etc. Statistics also state that the world soil reserves may be able to last for the next 30 to 40 years if we switch to solar energy and conserve non renewable resources.

Solar energy is definitely the best source of energy for the next generation. It is environmental friendly and is also easy on the pocket, though initial levels of maintenance may be high but in the long run it is best for us and the environment. We must always remember that we are a part of this environment and that doing good for it will only do well for us. So let us join hands in create a cleaner, greener tomorrow by throwing light on our future with its help.



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