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  • Recycling : The codes and basics

    Recycling : The codes and basics

    Converting waste materials that are potentially useful into new products ,in order to reduce the energy usage , to prevent pollution ,to curb  the  release of greenhouse gases and also to prevent the waste disposal is called as recycling. The mantra ‘ Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ is indeed something that has acquired acute preponderance nowadays.…

  • Organic Foods – Way to a better future?

    Organic Foods – Way to a better future?

    ‘Is our future safe?’, ‘What kind of planet are we going to leave for our progeny?’ Or in some extreme cases ‘Do we even have a future?’ These are some of the concerns that have been given voice to with increasingly alarming frequency in the recent past. One cannot help but wonder if our planet…

  • Bottled Water Health Hazards

    Bottled Water Health Hazards

    The hype about bottled water! Is it too much? Is bottled water much more preferable than tap water? Is it really healthy? People spend a whooping amount of $100 billion every year on bottled water in the belief (often fallacious) that it is better for us than what comes out of the taps. Worldwide, bottled…