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  • What impact does Recycling have on the environment?

    What impact does Recycling have on the environment?

    Most are eager to contribute to the environment by recycling and they might be more willing after knowing some recycling facts. Recycling is very essential for the sake of our Earth`s resources and thereby striving towards green living. Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash…

  • Sustainability and Future Generations

    Sustainability and Future Generations

    The concept of sustainability is now all-pervasive. There are government sustainability-related agencies, companies have sustainability as a goal, there are sustainability institutes, and sustainability features in laws and international agreements. A particularly important feature of sustainability is the idea of acting now for the benefit of future generations. Very often, if you ask people why…

  • Economics of Sustainability

    Economics of Sustainability

    International conferences on poverty and the environment come and go. The UN Millennium Development Goals are debated in many conferences. But there’s always a big elephant in the meeting room. It’s got the words “macroeconomic policy” written on its forehead. Nobody wants to talk about it. As if reducing hunger and extreme poverty, generating employment…