Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Facing Criminal Charges in Toronto

Being accused of a crime can be the most scarring experience of your life. Your family, job, and reputation in the community – seems at huge stake, especially if you are found guilty of certain mistakes that you committed out of an unconscious or unstable mind.

Facing criminal charges is an extremely serious situation that brings along life-changing repercussions. You may be jailed and penalized heavily if you are convicted of the criminal act and lose on all the opportunities to get a fair defense any time soon.

The majority of times it is due to lack of understanding or education about the criminal justice system that defendants receive an unjust conviction or are charged with hefty fines. That is why it is crucial to listen to your criminal defence attorneys and follow whatever they advise.

Following are some of the common mistakes that criminal defendants make in their cases, making a complex one:

  1. Striking Discussions over Social Media

In the times today, where people have become social media fanatic, they feel like sharing every little detail about their lives or ask for legal suggestions publically. However, this is not a sensible move even if the websites or forums seem to be private. In reality, no platform is secure enough to discuss your issues and can be used against you if tracked down by law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.

  1. Making Compulsive Statements About Your Case

Whether it is the police or an enforcement officer interrogating you, you have the right to remain silent. And, it is better to because you might end up making incrementing statements and harming your defence. You should never make any official verbal or written statements and politely request an attorney first. Don’t try to talk your way out as it can cut down the chances of turning things in your favor.

  1. Disrespecting the Court or the Law

Arguing with a police officer, fleeing from the authorities, failing to show up in court or wearing insensible clothing during trials – all can work against you. None of your acts should reflect that you are being resistant or disrespectful to the court. Be calm and let your attorney work on addressing or clearing the charges against you.

  1. Failing to Trust Your Attorney

Defendants often take up a more active role in their defence due to distrust in the abilities of their lawyers. They rely too much on their amateur knowledge collected from the crime serials shown on television and simply forget that they require a higher level of expertise to defend their case in the court.

  1. Working with an Inexperienced Attorney

The worst thing you can do when facing criminal charges is getting stuck with an attorney who doesn’t have enough information about the judicial system of Toronto. You may be tempted to them for the lowest advertised price, but for sure lose the chance of obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.


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