If Trees were Humans?

Trees, a simple word, but have you ever wondered the environment which we talk about was born from this small word. Yes, environment, sustainable development, greenhouse effect, global warming directly or indirectly all are derived from trees! Have you ever wondered that these trees are the root cause of all the problems? Yes, trees are the agent of chaos. Don’t cut them, world would be turned upside down. Aren’t you tired of listening to the warnings? Aren’t you tired of learning Environmental Education? Aren’t you tired of all the Summits, Lectures, Workshops regarding environment? Aren’t you tired of being scared that your future generation would suffer because of the uprising Global Warming? Aren’t you tired of saving trees?

Well, just imagine the world, how much organized it could have been if the Trees were Humans and they would have formed a country or would have been the dictator of the world. For a minute, just imagine that with the usefulness the trees or plants possess, what if they really were Humans, what they would have done to save themselves, what they would have done with this world, what they would have done to kick the actual Humans to save themselves and their families, what they would have done if they might have combined to be a country and rule the world? I too laugh with this wonderland notion, but if that all was true, then probably, we would have been living in all different world, the world ruled by Trees and only Trees!

Every person who has studied anything or not, knows the importance of trees and saving trees or protecting environment. They know the necessity of it, and they also know that without trees, there is no life on this planet.
Needless to say, the world would not have been traumatized by all the wars including World War I and II if trees were humans. Trees by now would have formed a country, say ‘United Trees or UT’ and possibly be superior than USA, Russia, China and Japan combined. UT would have most of the export and a very little of import. Their economy must be booming where as other countries would have been suffering because of inflation and a lot of imports. Possibly, a day might arrive when there won’t be any rain, and which could have resulted to the lack of supply and exports then what? There would possibly be lack of resources, prices going up and recession around the world.

human tree

I’m actually wondering if all these cases were rather true and in reality then our mighty superpower USA would have done democratic dance in the UN and would have turned the members of UN against ‘United Trees’ and possibly have declared war against them and that would be the only time when USA and Russia would join hands. I will hope for the time when USA would liberate UT’s citizens from the dictatorship, killing almost half of the trees, destroying everything but no, they would have liberated the country. Moreover, if Russia would have ‘dips’ then possibly they would place their troops right at the border waiting for some of the citizens or a part of the country to join hands with them.


People actually know the importance of trees but don’t feel or realize anything. If you had asked any person 20 years back and would have discussed them about the possible finishing of petroleum products, petrol and diesel, they possibly had a straight away laugh at your face but if you ask them now, with the increase in prices, now every other person knows the importance of these products. I soon see a world when people will finally realize the importance of trees which is totally absent in the current world and I see the tension building up, the panting people when there would be lack of oxygen, the sweat at everyone’s face. A day will come not now, not 100 years after, but may be later, when the Human Beings will evolve to be adjusted to the scenario of living in the world with few trees, a little greenery and almost zero forests.

There is an online meme usually found on any random page about the link of trees and Wi-Fi. Yes, it depicts that if the trees would have been giving Wi-Fi signals, then the world possibly be a better place, a much greener place with more satisfied people.


People should now realize that it is a high time to know the importance of trees and greenery, to know about sustainable development, to practise it efficiently else I fear a day will come when the sex ratio will be more than the tree ratio.


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