Why You Should Consider Installing Casement Windows

When thinking to renovate or repair the house, the first thing that pops up in mind is the type of windows one should choose. There are many different styles and materials available these days for windows. They are like awning, casement, sliding, bay, and bow, single hung, double hung, etc to make your home look amazing as well as energy efficient. Single hung and double hung windows open by sliding above or below. Casement windows are very common when it comes to the demands. A casement window is one that is hinged at one end while it lays open on the other side. The frame is attached to the glass pane via the hinges. It allows the movement of window both inside and outside. Sometimes, the window is attached to the top of the frame, which makes it of the awning style. When the glass is attached to the lower frame, it becomes hopper style. There is another style of casement windows, which is called tilt and turn. They are a common European design and allow the window to open both ways. These windows are the top choice of many potential buyers of windows. Whether you are renovating the home or rebuilding, these casement windows come in a variety of designs and sizes. Casement windows have a host of benefits. Few of them are as mentioned below:



  • Sufficient ventilation:

The casement windows have large doors that can swing, providing abundance of ventilation in the room. It seems more pleasing if one has a beautiful lake or beech or gardens by in front of the window. These windows have a bigger opening and have a sash, acting as a flap that streams the breeze inside the room making it well ventilated.


  • Security:

The casement windows are more secure than any other type of window. The window frame is embedded with hook shaped locks which provide extra protection. The sash is hung vertically and the window open by swinging out. The glass of the casement windows is very secure and won’t break easily. Resistant glasses are commonly used in casement doors and windows, protecting from any natural calamity.


  • Maintenance:

Another advantage of casement windows is the lower cost of maintenance. They don’t require much time and efforts for cleanliness regularly. They can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Unlike most other type of windows like double hung or single hung, they don’t get discolored or fade out so easily. Their shape remains intact for a longer duration of time.


  • Energy-Efficient:

Casement windows offer a high deal of energy efficiency. They get locked and seal tightly, causing no inlet of any outside air. They also prevent entering of too much sunlight inside, thus maintaining the room temperature in both the summers and winters.


Thus, casement windows are the perfect ones for a household. Apart from being available in multiple designs and sizes, they are cost-efficient, durable and secure as well and is the best choice.


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