10 reasons why living green is awesome

Let’s face it, at the end of the day nothing gives us more happiness than saving money and happiness and believe me when I say if you follow green living, you are going to get rich and the quality of your lifestyle will improve by leaps and bounds. Below are 10 reasons how by following green living, you can get rich and improve your lifestyle. Please note that these are only the consequences of green living.

Your health is much better- By living green, it is a proven fact that the probability of you falling sick reduces significantly, which means you are not dependent on any medical help. What that does is that it reduces your medical bills and maybe even eliminate them forever.


Save on Electricity- Using alternatives such as solar lamps, solar cookers, fluorescent bulbs, energy conserving appliances, solar heaters etc. will significantly reduce your electricity bills so much so that the cost of investing in the energy saving appliances can be recovered within a year or two.
Valuation of your home- Once you invest in the various energy saving and green ways of living, the valuation of your home increases by at least twenty percent. Your home transforms into something called the home of the future where almost everything from energy to various food resources will be self-sufficient i.e. the home doesn’t not fully need to depend on exterior sources for its functioning.

Real food is good food- By consuming organic food, you tend to stay much healthier which drastically improves your quality of living and reduces your bills in the long term. You can also avoid consumption of various harmful pesticides, fertilizers and other unwanted chemicals which may enter your food in the hybrid variety which is commonly available in the market these days. Also by consuming organic food, you are directly supporting the local village economy which in turn leads to a prosperous grass roots of the country. It also eliminates the need for packaging material which can be at times toxic to the environment.

Saving on transportation costs- By choosing a green transportation option such as a bicycle or walk for nearby distances and public transport for longer distances can reduce your monthly spending on transportation like fuels and vehicle maintenance. In the long run, using a bicycle or walking can reduce the risk of a heart attack and other deadly medial consequences.

Helps save the future- As many of our resources are non-renewable, saving for the future makes perfect sense so as to provide a sort of buffer period of time until an alternative resource to various resources currently in use such as fossil fuels etc. This also reduces the amount of greenhouse emissions produced which can prevent the melting of the ice caps and consequently avoiding a major catastrophe in the future.

Reduction in water consumption- Use of things in your home like the various toilets which are water efficient can effectively reduce the water used per plush by up to forty five percent. As day by day there is an explosive increase in population, water is going to be scarce and expensive in the near future, and hence saving water from now on is a good idea which can help you in the long run, maybe ten years down the line.

Save on service and repairs cost- Homes made up of things that are green and sustainable have proved that they almost last for a lifetime and consequently requiring very bare service and repairs. Another added advantage is that you do need to spend much on upgrading the equipment if required as most of the upgrades are DIY, do it yourself or very cheap and inexpensive.

Happiness- Another added advantage that comes with following green living is the simple lifestyle that you get used to without all the extra fat and the frills. As someone rightly said, the simpler your life, the happier you will be. Keeping this quote in mind, it becomes really important to follow a green and a simpler lifestyle so as to remain happy and self-sufficient for the rest of our lives, yes… Just like a fairy tale!

It’s the best thing you can do- Just think about it, by making a few simple and inexpensive changes to your routine lifestyle, you can change the way you live for the rest of your life.  The changes you make will make the world around you cleaner and self-sufficient and in the end it will make you and your family happier. The future generations will also benefit from a few choices you take towards a healthier and an active lifestyle.


Hope the above few points have convinced you to at least think about making a few lifestyle changes. To know more about living green, regularly follow this blog.


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