5 Tips to green-clean your home

Keeping one’s home spruced up and hygienic is quite a necessity now that there are so many diseases springing up everywhere around the globe. It is quite essential to maintain a house that is presentable as well as clean in a natural way. Dusting off the nooks and corners of your home might seem like a difficult task but it is a must, indeed. You don’t have to use any chemicals and toxic cleaning agents to do this. There are a number of green cleaning agents that are available and some of them can be prepared on your own as well. Always prefer to clean the things in a natural way rather than pouring toxicity around your home and making it seem unhealthy and harmful to people of all ages who reside in your home. It is time you pull out your green cleaning kits and start the work right away before it’s too late and your home turns into a massive junkyard.

Here are a few green cleaning tips that by far, are not associated with any chemicals:

1) Get rid of the awful clutter:

When you look around your house you might find a lot of clutter gathered here and there and you definitely need to get rid of it sooner or later. So, why don’t you do it now? Several things that are available in your house might even be reusable.  Don’t throw them right away. You can ask the other members of your house whether they are in need of any and also your friends. This will prevent much of your waste traveling to the landfills eventually. Also, if you do find wastes related to plastic, you can get it recycled at a recycling plant. Do not throw them away and pollute the environment. Even by taking advice from your friends, you will surely come to know as to how you can make the best use of the old items at your home.

2) Green painting:

This doesn’t wholly mean that you need to paint all your walls with the color green. It just means that the paints that you use should necessarily have no VOC in it. The volatile organic compounds are very harmful as they cause several respiratory problems especially if it’s in confined spaces like your bathrooms. So, always be wise enough to check the VOC content in your paints. The smog and indoor pollution problems mainly arise from the usage of VOC paints. There are several non-Voc  paints and the ones containing minimum VOC as well. You need to try them out and paint your walls green.

Evan after you paints, there is an odor that will still linger on the inside of your house and can be very harmful if inhaled. In this case you can keep dishes of vinegar around ,especially where it has been painted so that the odor and the stale smell gets absorbed by it. If you want this to be more effective you need to change the dishes of vinegar on a quotidian basis .
3) Shine the metallic parts:

The metal parts in your house can be in various forms. For example, the copper, stainless steel and even brass. There are several metal polishes that are available in the market but these can be harmful to you and the other members of your house as well because of the amount of toxicity present in them. For this very reason you need to switch to homemade green cleaning agents which can make the metallic parts shine and look as new. The brass antiques in your home can be polished by using vinegar and salt. By adding flour to this, you can form a moisture that can be a great help in cleaning the metallic objects at home. Even spraying the metallic object with vinegar and then sprinkling a little amount of salt and rubbing it with a cloth or sponge can do the job.

4) Polish the furniture:

The polishes for furniture that are available in the market are one of the most toxic and harmful cleaning agents that are available in the market and you need to shun the usage of this as much as possible. Do acquaint your family and friends about this harmful polish so that the usage is considerably reduced as they are poisonous. There is an effective way to polish your wood without using any toxic chemicals and by a natural way. For this you need olive oil and lemon juice. Make a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice with a larger content of olive oil and wipe the wood surface with this solution. This in turn will give your wood a sparkling shine. After a neat application of the solution, do wipe it with a cloth for an even spread.

5) Cleaning the mirrors and glass:

There are several glass-cleaning agents that are available but they contain ammonia which is very harmful and toxic. Instead, you can clean your mirrors the natural way with absolutely no amount of chemicals . A few tablespoons of lemon juice with water will do the trick. Wipe this on the glassy surface and presto! You will have your glass looking shiny and sparkling. You can use a soft rag to buff the mirror surface.


These green cleaning techniques do not bring home any chemicals and are harmless as well. Moreover, they are cheap, affordable and easily available, and the best substitutes to the cleaning agents available in the market. Vinegar and lemon solely can be of great help in cleaning the house when compared to any other. Hence, Say No to toxic chemicals and switch to the green cleaning techniques and transform your home into a clean, green and healthy place to live in.


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