In earlier times places used to be green ,people had trees and plants in their locality in streets, there was no need of green parks. Green parks are those areas in a locality where trees and plants are grown. People go there in routine for fresh air. Green spaces and parks are part of our daily life as they affect our mentality and mood, one can feel refreshed after going in parks. Green parks are backbones of sustainable environment. From infant to a 70 year old enjoy benefits of green spaces and parks. Green parks have positive effect on health and provide place for entertainment. People move to green places for picnics on weekends.
Moreover in this polluted environment green parks are important to maintain climatic conditions. You must have noticed the locality having park in cooler than places not having parks. The atmosphere of those localities is generally more pleasant then the places not containing parks even if in the same city. Studies have shown people living in natural environment i.e. Surrounded by trees etc. Are more relaxed than the other ones


Generally kids play in the evening after completing their homework and they play in streets which increase the risk of road accidents. Having parks in the locality helps keeping children off the streets. Availability of parks in the locality keeps kids occupied playing in fresh air rather than wasting time on video games and television cartoons. Kids do have a place to spend their time and it is good for development of kids that they play in fresh air. Children can practice outdoor games such as badminton, balling, hide and seek etc. And stay fit. Green parks are real time entertainment for children.
People going in parks daily are usually fit and fine. People feel good because of going there, the green beauty in parks is pleasant to eyes. The fresh air which is being taken in by human helps in heart pumping blood more efficiently. People who regularly exercise in park remain free from diseases. Parks help in removing mental stress. As in today’s era everyone is full of tensions. Exercising daily in parks gives mental peace and makes your day wonderful
The green parks present in a particular society break up reflected heat from hard surfaces to bring a cooling effect. The locality having park is cooler than other localities. In this polluted environment where green house effect is making our place hotter than ever before parks provide cooler environment because of trees present and hence giving relief in summers. The green house gases which are entrapped in earth’s atmosphere causing temperature to be warmer, green parks are a small step towards lowering the increased temperature. Trees provide shade in unbearable sunshine.

Morning walk has loads of benefits. You can reap tons of benefits from morning walk. Brisk walk helps in maintaining hormonal balance. Girls in teenage generally face hormonal imbalance, brisk walk is one of the best way to balance hormones. Walking bare footed on green grass makes your eyesight sharp. People suffering from diabetes must walk on green grass bare footed as it helps in balancing blood sugar level. Ask from the people who go to walk daily how much relax they feel and how awesome the day goes.

Studies have shown that the best way to cure obesity is walking rather running in fresh air. Running burns the calories the most that most of the gym cannot do. Going to gym daily is really very helpful in reducing weight but the thing is it is not long lasting. We will remain in shape till we keep on going to gym, when we discontinue going to gym we gain weight double as was before. But the effect which walking in park has on weight control is ever lasting.
When you start going to parks on regular basis you start to know more people. Your friend circle starts on increasing, you get opportunity to interact with people of different age groups. One can learn many new things by interacting people of different age groups. You have active group participation once in touch with many people. Social circle keeps on increasing when you become active in green parks in your area just like your social circle increase on facebook when you become an active user.

Green park is a public place, one can organize instructional classes in parks. Beneficial for health green parks also can help in education if used efficiently. Art and craft classes can be organized in parks. Instructional classes for yoga, anger management etc can be organized in fresh air which can help people in many aspects. In open area children can organize sport matches like cricket, football etc on monthly basis which will entertain audience and simultaneously keeping children fit.

Community engagement is collaboration of individuals and groups to achieve specific goals. Open parks and green areas are best places for such planning processes. Collaboratively with individuals and groups to achieve such goals
Planting more and more trees help in making our Earth healthy. We can grow variety of trees and plants in green areas. Green parks make air fresh and we can breathe properly. Otherwise if we inhale polluted air makes our lungs weak.

Due to deforestation the condition of environment is worsening day by day. And similarly our health is also getting disturbed. Green parks in society are a small step towards making “EARTH A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN”


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