7 Questions to Ask While Hiring Window Replacement Contractor

Windows has the power to control 25-30% of the heating and cooling energy of the home. On-time replacement of your old and leaky windows can reduce your bills to 10%. But not to forget, window replacement is quite a challenging task and should be left on professionals only. If you want the project to be a success from window selection to its installation, then hiring a window replacement contractor can help you a lot.


To ensure that you hire a knowledgeable window contractor for your project, the following are the tips:


  1. What’s the address of the company?

Knowing the name and address of the company can help you see into the important data of the company and its owner. You can confirm if the name of the company is registered or not. And you can also check if they are licensed by the authorities or not. Even you can study the reviews on their website and social media.

Knowing their address, you can visit the store and can meet the contractor. It will also assure that the company has set up their store and thus have planned to provide services for long.


  1. Is business licensed?

Before signing any contract, make sure to ask if the business is licensed or not for providing business replacement services. A licensed company means that it is approved by the authorities and can be trusted for your project. You should also confirm if the license is up-to-date or not. Verify that there are no complaints registered against the company.


  1. What are the requirements of the window replacement process?

If you know what the requirements are, you can prepare yourself accordingly beforehand. This question will also help you check the knowledge of the contractor, and you can witness how much confidence he is about his services. You can ask if the window will be ordered from outside or the contractor have windows in the store. Confirm the number of workers who will work in your home and what will be the approximate duration of the project.


  1. From how many years you are working in the window replacement business?

Now, this is something very important to ask. Making this query will let you know about the experience of the contractor. If you want your project to go smoothly without any hindrance, then prefer hiring an expert and not an amateur.


  1. What is the cost?

Ask for the cost to know what is in your budget. You can consider two to three contractors and can then select the one best meeting your needs. Remember not to compromise with the quality of the service for a low cost. Make a wise selection!


  1. What are the window options?

Knowing what type of window you want, make sure that the contractor you choose has that product. If for some reason you are confused about the type of window you should get installed, then take the suggestion of the contractor. They have worked years in this field and know which window will work for your requirements.

Also, beware while seeking advice. Some contractors just want to sell their products. They don’t bother about your needs.


  1. Do you have insurance?

The contractor should have liability insurance so that all the damages to you are your property are covered. Also, they should have worker’s compensation insurance to cover the injuries that workers might get while working at your home.

Ask for the insurance certificate, and make sure that it is up-to-date. Don’t hire the window replacement contractor who is not insured.


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