Tips for Designing a Custom Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are the latest rage and this business is only getting bigger with each passing day. There are innumerable subscription box options flooding the marketplace from beauty products to healthy snacking samples. These boxes are a hit among consumers and some credit for its popularity goes to great custom packaging.

The first and often the most striking feature of subscription boxes is the packaging. Customers create a first impression of the product the moment it reaches their doorstep. For this reason, the subscription packaging needs to look eye catching and functional to reflect your brand’s identity. You need to make sure that your subscription box sets your brand apart from all the rest. And to make your brand stand out, custom packaging is the best choice. If you’re successful in designing great packaging, you can surprise and delight your customers when they lay their eyes on the box.

As you might have noticed, every other day a new type of packaging box appears but only a few are more effective than others. This means you should pick your packaging box carefully to draw your customers in and make them want to continue subscribing each month, as well as refer their friends to your subscription model. So, if you want to create a lasting memory, here are some tips to design a great subscription box that would make your customers smile and make your subscription box viral.

Choosing Colors & Materials for Your Box

When it comes to custom packaging, you can be as creative as you want. The two most important elements of the packaging box are its colors and material. The custom mailer boxes or packaging boxes are available in various types of materials and finishes. The material you select depends on your budget and type of products. There are basically three types of cardboard subscription boxes – Kraft, White, and Kemi white boxes.

If you want an economical way to pack your products, the most common brown material, known as Kraft is the right option for your subscription boxes. This material is also preferred by environment cautious customers as it is regarded as an ‘eco-friendly’ material that is easily recycled.

For those looking for better visuals, White boxes are a perfect choice. This type of boxes can be printed digitally because of its white surface. So, if you want your design to stand out, go for a white box. Although this material is pricier compared to kKraft, it provides a greater chance of customization and personalization.

To those who simply don’t want to comprise on the quality of packaging, Kemi White is for them. These boxes are also known as ‘white top boards’ and are considered as an HD version of a regular white box. Every design and color looks spectacular on these boxes.

Pick the Right Box Size

Next important factor is selecting the right size of your subscription boxes. You might feel that a big impressive box will wow your customers but this can be a wrong choice. A large size box not only increases your shipping cost but customers also detest it. Your clients will be disappointed to receive a box that isn’t totally filled. To avoid these issues, you should pick an appropriate size box for your subscription mailings. Often companies that invest in huge boxes pass on the extra shipping charges on the customers.

Since even a few inches can make a difference in the final shipping bill, you should choose the size wisely. The box you select should be neither too big nor too small. The size of the box depends on factors such as quantity and weight of products, packaging budget, and the exact dimensions of the products.

Create a Distinct Brand Identity

As you know, there are countless subscription box businesses on the market. From cosmetics to food products, more and more competitors appear every day. So, how you can stand out from the rest? To distinguish your sub box in the sea of subscription businesses, you need to establish your brand identity. The color, text, and logo should align with your business and design must connect with your customers. You can add custom inserts and print details on the inside as well as the outside for a fabulous box.


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