What are Energy Efficient Windows and Why You Should Install These Windows?

As a wise homeowner, you might keep looking for ways to minimize your energy costs. Most probably you have tried different methods but your electricity bill is still soaring. So, what you should do next?

If your energy bills have increased without any change in household energy consumption, possibly your old windows are the culprit behind this. It is the low-quality or damaged windows that are to be blamed for reduced energy efficiency of your home. At the time of purchasing new windows, most homeowners consider looks and cost only. But this is a big mistake because selecting the right windows can make a huge difference in lowering your monthly energy bills.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, picking the right type of windows is of utmost importance. The right windows not only add charm to your home but also bring natural light, warmth, and proper airflow. With the advancement in technology, these days not only phones are smart but also your windows. The latest windows are energy-efficient which offers better insulation and enhanced home value. There are, in fact, various benefits of replacing your drafty, out-of-date windows. It will not only lead to less energy wastage but may also bring incentives from local utility companies.

So, what exactly energy-efficient windows are?

Energy-Efficient Windows

Unlike traditional windows, energy-efficient windows have different structure and a special coating. The windows that were installed earlier consisted of only a single glass pane. But the modern energy-efficient windows come with multiple panes that are fitted with insulation to minimize heat conduction. These windows also feature low-emissivity (low-E) coating which helps in reflecting sunlight. This coating also helps in winters to prevent heat from escaping.

Reasons to Install Energy Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows are becoming the first choice of homeowners. If you’re still confused about installing these windows, here are some amazing benefits of energy-efficient windows.

  1. Lower Energy Bills

By installing Energy Star certified windows, you can save 15-25% on heating expenses, and 10-40% cooling costs in summers. Minimizing the heating and cooling costs is the biggest reason behind switching to energy efficient windows. It is seen that faulty windows waste up to 30% of heating and cooling energy. However, Energy Star rated windows are proven to keep cold air outside during winters and reduce the amount of heat that gets inside your home during summers. Due to this reason, energy-efficient windows are a great investment that will help keep your home more comfortable throughout the year. Also, the double-pane windows offer improved insulation than single-pane windows and results in lowering your energy bills.

  1. Qualify for Incentives

Upgrading your windows may also help you get rebates, tax incentives, or special financing. These incentives are provided by the federal or state government or local utility companies to install energy-efficient windows. So, if you consider home improvement projects that reduce the amount of energy used, you can actually qualify for a tax credit. You should consult your accountant regarding this to see whether or not you qualify for these incentives.

  1. Reduce Noise and Condensation

Another reason to install energy efficient windows is to make your home more comfortable. These windows will not only control the temperature of your house but can also minimize the noise from outside. If you want a more peaceful environment, these windows can help you with sound dampening. The double-pane design of energy efficient windows helps in mitigating loud sounds. Moreover, replacing standard windows can also reduce condensation. Humidity and poor ventilation often lead to condensation which reduces the lifespan of windows. But if you install energy-efficient windows, it can maintain the temperature and minimize condensation and frost.


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