Why Custom Mailer Boxes Are Right for Your Brand?

If you have ever ordered anything from Amazon, you must have experienced that joy of opening Amazon’s wonderful custom box that tells exactly what’s waiting for you. Amazon is one of the first e-commerce giants to put emphasis on brand identity by creating custom mailer boxes. And if you have noticed, over the years with the explosion of online retailers and the emergence of monthly subscription box companies, custom shipping boxes have become a popular choice.

So, if you also have an online business, possibly you’re already pondering over the idea of using custom shipping boxes. But do you really need a custom mailer box for shipping your products? Let’s find out what these boxes are and why it can be the best option for your business.

Custom Mailer Boxes

You guessed it right! A custom mailer box is exactly what it sounds like. It is a custom-designed and custom-sized, rigid mailing box. This type of box has hinged lids that can be completely customized to reflect your brand’s identity. Custom mailer boxes come in all sizes and different shapes to perfectly match your brand’s style and shipping needs.

A custom box perfectly fits your product, while customization can be a branding blockbuster for your business. However, when planning to create custom shipping boxes, many questions might pop up in your mind, such as how you can benefit from custom packaging and how much will it cost? Read further to clear all your doubts about custom mailer boxes.


The biggest concern of business owners is the cost of creating custom boxes for shipping. In fact, many small business owners simply never think about using these boxes considering the costs involved. But looking at the initial cost of custom packaging doesn’t provide a complete picture.

The cost of designing and producing custom mailer boxes depends on factors like the design, size, quality of material used, and quantity of boxes. Now, you will say why to spend extra dollars on boxes when you can ship at lower costs. Well, you’re right that custom mailing boxes can be a bit more expensive than their counterparts but it has two benefits that can ultimately improve your financial performance. First, when you have custom-size boxes, you can save money on additional fillers and extra protective layers. And secondly, a unique box can elevate your brand image and can attract new customers, thereby increasing sales. Think of a custom box as a brand ambassador for your business.


What if your brilliant product fails to make a great first impression? Unlike regular packaging options, custom boxes are a hit among customers. In fact, some companies even have a separate fan base simply because of their amazing custom packaging. You can design custom mailer boxes in any color using different materials and patterns. Moreover, when you print a box inside and outside, you can convey your brand’s message in a more clear way. There’s just no limit to what you can do with these boxes and see your brand reaching a new level.


The biggest benefit of using custom boxes is the size. These boxes are cut to the specific dimensions that you have ordered. When you use the same size boxes for different products, you compromise the safety of your products. Moreover, using an oversized box also significantly increases the shipping cost. As you know, the cost of shipping depends on the dimension and weight of the package. When your box is oversized, it will not only increase the dimension cost but also weight cost will go up because of the fillers used.


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