7 reasons why you need to switch to energy-efficient LED lamp fixtures

Energy efficient lighting solutions have now taken a fresh new turn and they are made available in LED bulbs. With their efficient lighting counterparts like CFL’s which have already gained immense popularity and are now been used in every home, there is that skepticism about how fast LED bulbs shall grow in the industry and whether people would be willing to make a new choice. LED light bulbs are said to be extremely cost-effective and also come with varied designs to suit the home atmosphere. Moreover, they are said to be nearly 5% efficient than the conventional CFL lights and also 85% more efficient that the incandescent light bulbs. Energy efficient lighting has indeed become a growing concern and we all need to participate actively in this direction to achieve absolute Eco-friendly and efficient lighting in everyone’s home and completely shun the usage of incandescent bulbs.

led lamp
You might wonder why the usage of LED bulbs needs to be prioritized. Here is why:
1) LED bulbs contain zero mercury:

In the CFL’s that we use on a daily basis in homes, do contain a little amount of mercury that can be termed as harmful. It is not only the incandescent lights that might contribute harmful mercury to the environment in landfills but also the CFL’s do it as well. A broken CFL is said to be very hazardous with the presence of mercury in it. In fact, the disposal of these CFL bulbs is indeed a difficult task and their usage needs to be minimized. LED bulbs are made available in most of the stores and they are very good alternative to these CFL’s and incandescent bulbs as they contain absolutely no mercury. It is due to this reason that they are harmless to the environment and can be used and disposed as you like.

led zero mercury
2) LED bulbs produce no heat buildup:

Light bulbs are generally considered to contribute to most of the heat produced in one’s home. Especially the incandescent lights turn out to be the main culprits in considerably contributing to the heat at home. It is said that in an hour, an electric bulb would produce heat with a rise of about 6 degree Celsius. Now, you know why your summers seem extremely hot in the presence of these incandescent bulbs!
But, LED bulbs do not contribute to any of this. They even have heat sinks around the led bulbs which are made of aluminum in the form of struts. Hence, these light bulbs remain cool and produce no heat at all.

led: no heat
3) No flickering! :

It is a common problem in tube lights and CFL lights that they flicker slightly when switching on or even later when used continually for a longer duration. This is avoided in LED bulbs. The Led bulbs provide a steady light with no flickering even during warmed up periods. Moreover, there are even dimmable led lights that are now available which have an option to be dimmed out as per your choice. The LED bulbs when used over very long time eventually die out by dimming instead of burning out like other conventional bulbs.

led lamps
4) No UV emissions:

The LED lights are said to give out absolutely no UV radiations only a little infrared radiation. This makes LED lights completely suitable for the usage in museums, galleries etc where UV sensitive objects are places. Moreover, LED lights do not produce any heat too, hence all these features make it safe and usable in rooms where heat-sensitive and UV sensitive materials are present.
5) Eco-friendly alternative:

LED bulbs having no mercury and free of any toxic chemicals is said to be absolutely safe and Eco-friendly when considering the impact on the environment. It is also one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint by using LED bulbs in homes and offices. Moreover, these LED bulbs are also100% recyclable and the fabrication of one LED lamp serves as an alternative to the production of 25 other incandescent lights because LED lamps come with a longer life span.

led saves electricity
6) Works on low-voltage:

It requires only a little voltage for the operation. You can even use it outdoors by using an additional solar energy source and using no electricity. Isn’t that just cool? LED bulbs come with so many Eco-friendly features that it can be easily used in rural areas as well, whenever there is a shortage of electricity.

7) Extremely safe :

As we all know that the incandescent lamps or even CFL lamps turn warm and scorching hot at times with longer usage, but this is not so with the LED lamps. The LED lamps do not turn hot and are extremely safe even if there is accidental physical contact especially by minors. These LED lamps being extremely cool can be exposed even in areas where there is rain or snow. This makes such lamps extremely safe for regular use and indeed an energy-efficient lighting boon to people.

LED lights are compact Eco-friendly lighting fixtures and almost 100% safe for everyday use. The above features I’m sure have enlightened you about the need for eliminating CFL’s and incandescent light bulbs and replacing them with these LED lamps. These lamps not only are a huge saver when it comes to electricity bills but also enable us to follow green-living strategies with energy-efficient lighting at our very own homes.


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