Composting: Natural and eco-friendly

Composting basically means the decomposition of decaying materials pertaining to food or animals by compost-producing organisms such as fungi, bacteria and also certain worms. This entire process happens in a controlled form of aerobic decomposition. Aerobic here means that it is done in the presence of oxygen. The ammonia that is produced through this aerobic decompostion is then used by plants .If this ammonium in the form of nitrogen is not effectively used by the plants then it gets converted into nitrates in a process called as nitrification.

natural composting
The final product that is obtained after the complete decomposition of the decaying matter is called as humus. If the entire process is done with the help of worms, then it is termed as vermiculture.

Why composting is necessary?
It replaces the chemical fertilizers and acts as a good soil nutrient enricher and helps in the healthy growth of the plants. The normal wastes that we come across go eventually to the landfills and create trouble by releasing a harmful greenhouse gas, methane. If this waste is transformed as compost and then given to plants, the landfill contribution is considerably reduced.


What are the essential requirements for making your own compost?
Water is the most essential content that is needed. In the absence of considerable moisture, composting is not really effective. Composting also requires several dried up leaves, twigs and wastes of vegetables and fruits and several discarded food items. These are just sufficient for you to start your own composting.

Vegetable wastes: The peelings of different vegetable and fruits that are often discarded and also pieces of half eaten vegetables and fruits that would otherwise be thrown away.
Grass clippings for the compost: The grass clippings can also be added to the compost but make sure that it is not in excess. If used in excess it can also release ammonia which can cause a pungent smell. If at all you wish to use grass clippings, use them in the form of a layer to keep away any smell but don’t use too much of it as it can create unwanted mulch.
Plant cuttings: The surplus remains of the harvested plants or the weeds that are plucked out regularly can also form as good compost.
Why is composting essential?
1) It is an eco-friendly way of eliminating the wastes in your backyard.
2) Helps in enriching the soil without the need of any chemical fertilizers.
3) It is an easy way and does not require more of expertise to perform this process.
4) It extensively reduces your carbon footprint and also the release of methane from the happening landfills.
5) It results in the growth of beneficial bacteria that are extremely helpful in the enrichment of soil.
6) It is very essential in killing the unwanted seeds and also pathogens that are harmful.

You can start composting in your own house backyard. Backyard composting is easier and can be done with the help of certain essential ingredients.
Method: Initially, choose a shady spot that does not contain a lot of moisture .Make sure that there is a water source nearby so that composting can be done easily. Add large contents of composting materials like twigs and discarded foods items or whatever that you may consider. If at all these ingredients are dry then moisten them slightly with the help of the nearby water source. Then add grass clippings and also the plant cuttings to make effective compost. Maintain the moistness in your compost by covering it with tarp. After a certain duration, the nutrients turn rich and dark in color and this entire process can take about a few months or maybe about two years.

This was only for outdoor composting and it can be done indoor as well. You need a composting bin for the  process especially if you’re planning to do it at home. You can buy it at a local hardware store and it wouldn’t be really hard to find it. Then add the necessary contents of your compost. But also, now that you are doing it indoor , you need to make sure that it doesn’t smell stale in order to keep away any rodents or pest. If the compost is not properly maintained, then it can house several insects and worms and might radiate stale smell around the insides of your house.



This is another process of composting which is entirely done by the worms present in the soil. The different worms that are used in the process are earthworms, white worms and also red wigglers. They help in effective decomposition of the organic matter and help in the formation of the end product which is humus or manure. This form of composting is mostly done indoor. The best form of composting or rapid composting is obtained when using red wigglers which are said to be good breeders. These have a very good appetite and help in the formation of a good organic fertilizer.
Vermicompost that is an end product is made readily and easily available for the plants for the absorption and this helps in the healthy growth of plants. This is said to be about 1.7 times better than the conventional growth of plants without vermicompost.

Thus, composting, conventional or only with worms (vermi-culture) ,when done in a proper strategized procedure can provide good nourishment that helps in the healthy growth of plants and also results in a wonderful produce . Moreover, chemical fertilizers are not used in natural composting and this makes the entire process reliable as well as absolutely Eco-friendly.




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