Few easy steps to reduce your carbon footprint

Many people are getting aware of carbon footprint day by day. Sustainable lifestyle is becoming a trend these days and it has given birth to this term. For those of you who do not know about it, I would tell you all you need to know regarding it in this article. Once you know what it is, you may find yourself interested in following this trend.
Your carbon footprint is the CO2 released by you in the atmosphere through your activities. Increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is one of the major reasons behind global warming. The effects of global warming are so severe that many nations have started taking serious effects to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases. You can find out your own carbon footprint from various websites easily and if the results give you a shock then you can follow these easy steps to give your contribution towards sustainability of society by reducing your carbon footprint.
Unplug your electric appliances
You may think that you have switched off the power button on the socket of your wall so there is no need to unplug your phone charger. Well, the truth is that even when you switch off the power button, electric appliances still use significant amount of electricity. So always remember to unplug your electric appliances when not in use.

unplug your electric appliance
Use laptop instead of a desktop computer
Laptops are very much power efficient compared to desktop computers and can save upto 4/5th of the power used by the later. If you can compromise a bit on power and performance then you can easily save electricity and win some green points.

Closeup portrait of a happy young woman using laptop
Use trains in place of planes
People today value time over money, which is a good practice in general sense but if you go deep into this, you may find yourself damaging the future. Airplanes are certainly the quickest means of transportation today but their emissions damage the ozone layer. If you are serious about cutting your impact on environment then you can consider using trains wherever possible.

june 17 use train
Use public transport
If you live in a big city then your city must have its own public transport system. Using public transport not only saves you from the hassles of driving in traffic jams and parking your vehicle but also reduces traffic on roads. By choosing public transport as a means of conveyance you can easily reduce your carbon footprint and become a socially responsible citizen.

june 17 use public transport
Change your light bulbs
If I tell you to use CFLs instead of old yellow light bulbs, it will be a foolish suggestion. Everyone knows that CFLs are much more power efficient than them. But do you know about the poisonous emissions they create. Technology keeps on changing and now there are better options available in the market compared to CFLs. These are LED lights. They are not only power efficient but also eco friendly.

june 17 change your light bulb

Add solar panels to your rooftop
We all love steam bath or a warm shower in the winter. But heating the water uses a lot of power. Why waste the artificial energy which is costly when we have the sustainable energy of the sun which costs nothing and is pollution free? By using solar water heater you can easily win some green points for yourself.

june 17 add solar panel

Drive a fuel efficient vehicle
It is always better to use public transport for conveyance but if using your own car is very essential for you then you can choose a highly fuel efficient car. A better choice will be to use electric car. Such cars can save you a lot of money and they do not create air and sound pollution.

june 17 drive a fuel efficient vehicle
Do not use black trash bags
A major disadvantage of these trash bags is that they cannot be recycled. So avoid using black bags and use white trash bags if necessary. However today when people everywhere are taking steps to remove plastics from the ecosystem, it is better to avoid using any plastic bag.

june 17 do not use black trash bag

Filter water at home
Many people are lazy when it comes to filtering and purifying water for drinking purpose. Instead of purifying the water available at home they prefer to buy packaged water which is costly and also impacts the environment. Packaged water is first treated then packed in plastic bottles and transported to various places. All these activities increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. So be proactive, filter your own water and adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

june 17 filter water

Buy local vegetables
If you like to eat your favorite vegetable all round the year, know the impact of this habit on the environment also. When you buy off season vegetable or fruit which is not grown in your nearby areas then you are buying something which is coming from a long distance through trucks which produce carbon emissions.

june 17 buy local vegetable

Use cycle
Earlier I said that using fuel efficient cars and electric cars can reduce your impact on environment but there is an even better option available. For short distances you can always walk or use cycle. This practice is not just eco friendly but also good for your health.

june 17 use cycle


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