Forests- Reason for our Survival!

Alex said to his father, “Dad by cutting forest we are destroying and devastating homes of animals and birds!” his dad smiles and very prudently explains, “Yeah, its truth that we are destroying their shelter but more than that we are destroying our home! Our planet! Where we too live along with them…we won’t survive if they are completely exhausted! Toddler Alex raised question on, “how our survival will be affected?”

Do you have the same question in your mind? That how our survival will be affected? Our survival will be affected when our health will be affected by deforestation. Human health is inextricably linked to the health of human beings. Deforestation is double blow to human health.


Firstly let’s go towards, positive aspects. How forests help us to maintain our health. We must know that forest safeguard the air we breathe, the water we drink. Forests has protected our farmlands, reduced soil erosion which maintains the nutritive value of our agricultural land. It maintains the quality of waters, protects wildlife by becoming shelter for them. Forests are purifier of our planet, which purifies all the pollution all the misery created by unhesitant usage of resources.

Forests help us in many ways if you are stressed out and bored of static life, a green environment can release the pressure of your brain nerves. It is obvious and we should accept the fact that computers and machines in which we live and are mostly depended on cannot convert carbon emissions to oxygen. Urban forests are exposed to more manmade disturbances than their rural counterparts, which can negatively affect their health, growth and ability to perform ecosystem services. Forests protect natural landscapes can contribute positively to human health through protecting future. Forests are major source of medicinal herbs and plants are now also playing significant role in medical though the technology. For instance, whole homeopathy is depended on the ayurveda, ayurveda has cured some diseases which were expensive and monumental medical treatment , reducing impacts of pollution, absorbing toxins and whether extremes and providing recreational places that support physical and mental well- being.

But when we move towards negative aspects we can see and are still observing the negative aspect of man-made creation. As urban areas continue to expand, forests become fragmented and destroyed, decimating forests health and biodiversity. Urban areas are more responsible for the degradation than rural areas which are threatening the health of both people and urban forests. Urban areas have lost more than 600 million trees to development over the last 30 years, and urban areas are expected to increase substantially over the next 50 years.


By shedding off all the trees we are indirectly increasing pollution. We are indirectly helping green house gases to enrich and eat our healthy environment and surroundings in which we dwell. As these purifier plants are getting reduced we can see the changes, we are affected by such unhealthy polluted environment as we are losing our strength of immune system.

We should understand, “The motive of an educated civilization should not be to desert the green land but to bloom the desert” so that our tomorrow can be better. So that toddlers like Alex can survive freely and in healthy environment. Which can be maintained by forests.

It’s not important always government is responsible for improving the condition. We are the one who can make change. we can save our earth if we have different outlook, we can take small steps like planting a plant in our garden. Remember every plant is purifier.

Destruction of forests has destroyed the traditional markets, products such as construction paper, are either in decline, or production is being moves offshore. Without a market for forest products, the pressures to sell off woodlands increase.


Can we imagine our next generations craving for a better healthy life; it’s the time right now to change the scenario. There is no need to cut off forests but to manage them; forests are base of our economy as you know that they are raw material builder of all the fine products we consume. So, why we don’t make an effort to change being the change itself? As we are that phase of our planet where, we are trapped in the vicious circle of pollution created by green house gases and unhealthy prevailing condition, changing climate has affected us putted us in turmoil. Unstoppable materialistic development has made humans blind and has resulted in unhesitant deforestation, more than 170 million acres of private forests will change hands in the next 20 years, putting these forests at risk of being divided into small tracts or sold to developers, resulting in the loss of public benefits these forests provide.  Around the world, forests and the soil beneath them absorb about a quarter of all carbon pollution that causes global warming.  Forests absorb 12 percent of all carbon emissions, and with even better forest which can increase to as much as 20 percent. As the years pass and unstoppable deforestation won’t cease there would be time we would be responsible for hell created by us on our mother earth.!


There is need to save our planet now or it will be too late. Our remaining forests are reason for our survival.


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