Fuel Efficient Cars – Cons and Pros.


fuel efficieny 2In today’s modern world, every one likes and loves modern technology
based gadgets and stuffs. Cars are one of the most wanted stuffs, in
today’s world. Cars are of many types and on many basis, but here do
we only concentrate on fuel efficient cars. But before directly moving
on to the fuel efficient cars, let me give you some hints about fuels
efficiency, fuel efficiency of cars, problems and their benefits too.

Basically producing power or heat, at a rate consider optimal with
regard to the amount of fuel consumed .So fuel efficiency  is a kind
of energy conversion in which potential energy is converted into
kinetic energy .Thus, in case of vehicles (moreover , we can say in
cars,) fuel efficiency is that quality of fuel that is used by the
vehicle per unit distance or distance travel per unit volume of fuel.
Fuel efficiency of vehicles are measured in miles per gallon or
kilometer’s per liter. Fuel efficiency in vehicle design depends upon
many factor’s like engine parameters, rolling resistance, aerodynamic
drag, weights etc but not moving on that side in detail, we will move
to fuel efficiency of car’s and their cons and pros.

But nowadays fuel efficiency has become an extremely important topic
in today’s world, because of the need to short out the dependence of
our nation on fuel rich nations, need to cut out carbon footprints,
and due to the excessive rise in gas prices in our nation as well as
outside too. The topic is so important, as it could be recognize by
the fact that Mr.Obama,  himself, discussed the need for new fuel
efficiency  standards in last month’s state’s of the union address as
well as in the climate change plan.

Fuel efficiency is the latest technology developed by our scientist,
but as every one has some good qualities as well as bad too, so this
rule is also applicable here too. There are various cons as well as
pros of the application of fuel efficiency and here we do only
systemize our brain towards the cons and pros of the fuel efficient

Moving on to the benefits first, it provides numerous benefits over
other cars, especially at the environmental level.

Most important advantage is that, it has a better gas mileage. As in
today’s time, gas has become a documented expense. Therefore, gas
mileage, the number of miles driven per gallon of gas, will be better
on a fuel efficient cars. And who does’nt  wants  a car who provides
better mileage per gallon(mpg) using less gas. So, for the people who
wants to save their money as well as our prestigious environment too,
this is one of the important fact which let them go for the fuel
efficient car’s. And by getting better gas mileage, a fuel efficient
car will not require as many fueling  as would a less efficient cars.

These cars are beneficial for the technology too, as electric motor
converts 75% of the chemical energy from vehicles to power the wheels.
And also along with that, most fuel efficient cars are cheaper to
operate and repair as they are smaller in size and their engines are
also simpler and smaller as compared to the other cars. And they are
usually manufactured with common, universal type parts and components.

Being a country lover, it also reduce our dependence on foreign bills,
make us and our country, indirectly more energy sustainable. Oh! yes,
from foreign bills, i get to remember that also their are various
companies, about all companies, offer discounted insurance coverage
for people who drive fuel efficient cars.

Good for India, as it produces lower pollution and dust, lower
emission and reduces the exposure of excess of CO2 and cuts its
emission to half. And due to small gasoline engines, fuel efficient
cars release fewer  pollution emissions.

But as everything has positive as well as negative points, so thus,
these fuel efficient cars and vehicles too have.

These cars are not commercially available in the market for public
relation and all, and if they are, at some places, then surely they
are much more expensive then conventional vehicle, as well as many of
the people are unaware of it. And the most important fact is that, the
purchasing price of these fuel efficient cars are very high, they are
not affordable by common people.

Here, also the unproven relibilty is of the natural concern, as also
they are not widespread as responses suggest. They are not yet as
durable in real world environment, which is half for what is needed
for commercialization.

Public education is one of the most negative factor that affect this
fuel efficient car’s worth. Even the fact is that, their are some
people, who even don’t know that these kind of cars even exist or not.
Basic knowledge of these type of fuel efficiency and fuel efficient
vehicles are not even yet available to every sector and even far to
access too .Proper knowledge sources must be provided for these car’s
and fuel efficiency.

Another disadvantage of having these car’s are that they have on board
hydrogen storage. They want to store enough hydrogen to travel and as
hydrogen contains three times more energy per weight, so hydrogen is
difficult to store, which in turns create alot of problem in shipping
and travelling too.


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