A Garden to make your House look Perfect

Gardens, on the periphery of the households, are one of the most beautiful parts of your house. These green and lush gardens, though small in size, have the capacity to add to the well maintained house of yours. Large bunglows always have some front area for grass and shrubs, with trees on the boundaries. Being refreshing and beautiful, these gardens speak stories of beautiful co-existence of human beings and plants. The stories of evening time snacks in the garden sitting on the chair with your husband. Your little son watering those plants, and in the attempt, applying soil on his cute and adorable face. Or studying in the hot afternoon under the shade of the tree.

A garden at the front surely adds to the looks of the house.
A garden at the front surely adds to the looks of the house.

Gardens are known to be one of the important parts of your house. Being green in color, they can make your mood fantastic. From exercising in the garden to the greenery in the rainy season, there is enough to talk about them.

The Morning Thing:

Early morning view from your balcony, of green leaves and red roses would be nothing but perfect. The green parrot or the black koel sitting on one of those branches and chirping would add to the beauty of nature. A little exercise in the garden would help, because of the pure oxygen your lungs will inhale.

Bird Sight

The Evening Thing:

A little chat with your beautiful wife, sitting on the wooden chairs, installed in your garden would be relaxing and cure stress and tensions of the day. The flowers, which would be just closing their petals as the sun gets ready to set, would be an amazing sight. The evening breeze, cool and energetic after the hot afternoon, can be enjoyed in the garden.

Sitting in Gardens


Gardening is considered one of the simplest and the best exercises and many people have taken it up as a hobby. The activity brings us closer to the nature, and we take care of the plants. Spending more time with plants also means more oxygen.

Those Little Herbs:

There are many herbs and shrubs which can be grown in the garden and have many medicinal values. While some can be used to add flavor to your dishes, others can be consumed considering their health benefits. A little more space in the garden allows us to grow some vegetables, which are free from all the chemicals and insecticides, which are otherwise used by the farmers. Plants like aloe-vera and tulsi are used for their medicinal value and can be easily grown in the garden.

A Greener World:

With each plant you grow, the world becomes greener and pure. So, having a garden to your house will be the little you will be doing for mother earth to reduce the ever rising pollution. On every birthday, you can plant a tree, which will also initiate the respect for environment among your children.

Having a garden is really a big help to nature. When we can not go and plant our own forests, what we can do is plant our own trees. This will make the world greener; bring us closer to the nature at the same time. The world is facing pollution and global warming, which can only be solved by growing more and more plants. Trees in the courtyards have proved very helpful in many ways, to the environment as well as to the human beings.


Have a garden. Plant a tree. Inspire generations.
Have a garden. Plant a tree. Inspire generations.

Although having a garden has many benefits, it can also have some disadvantages. It may attract some mosquitoes and other little insects. Also, having a garden takes up some land, though it is utilized for environment. Moreover, the trees shed their leaves in the autumn season, which sometimes becomes a nuisance to clear. Also, if not properly maintained, the garden can become dirtier.

Gardens, according to me, are very important to any house. One of the most beautiful regions in India named as the Tri-city, Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali have gardens attached with almost all the houses. They also have trees around roads, which help making the region greener and free from pollution. Similar examples can be followed through other cities in order to maintain the greenery.

Surely enough, having a garden will add beauty to your life. It would be very pleasant to watch a little bird build a nest on the guava tree in your garden, or breaking mangoes from the tree in the summer season. Watching the flowers bloom in the morning would be lovely. It will make you happier and healthier.

Try to imagine the number of families in your city. Now suppose, all of them living in houses plant trees in their gardens. The number of trees will go up and the percentage of carbon dioxide will decrease in the atmosphere, thus providing a healthier environment, a greener earth.


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