Global Warming vs Greenhouse Effect

Global Warming and greenhouse effect are two words which we hear often related to the environment or green living. When we research about these two terminologies we often find that there is some interlink between them and often confuse ourselves by thinking that they are similar to each other or almost the same. But the fact is that there is some differences between them.

Here, we will discuss and clear the differences, similarities and relationships between them. So starting with the differences of global warming and greenhouse effect respectively, we will define them in a proper scientific terms. Global Warming is the increase in the temperature from the surface of the earth whereas greenhouse effect is the increase of the greenhouse gases absorbed from the surface of the earth. Another difference between the two is that the global warming takes place when the sun rays are enclosed with the surrounding air on the Earth due to the emission of carbon dioxide and methane. If more usage of greenhouse gases are used, it can be very harmful to the environment. Greenhouse effect is the when the sun rays are reflected back to the earth’s surface. This effect is healthier and natural as compared to global warming. Another difference is the greenhouse effect is more useful and important to the environment as compared to global warming. But if the greenhouse gases are affected badly due to the increase in the temperature then it is not good for the environment. Here greenhouse effect needs to be dealt with proper balance in order to sustain a good life on earth whereas for global warming no balance is required as it is harmful to the environment.


Another important difference between them is that greenhouse effect is mainly done by natural phenomenon whereas for global warming, it is mainly done by human activities. Next difference is that greenhouse effect is the cause for the environment where in comparison with global warming, it is the consequences that the environment has to face. So to summarize about the differences between them we can say that global warming is a slow, steady and consistent in the rise in temperature whereas greenhouse effect is totally opposite of it. Another point which can be said is that greenhouse effect is mainly focusing on the rise in the gases and their concentration while for global warming, it mainly focusses on the rise in the temperature.

Now that the differences are discussed, we can tell how the two terminologies are similar to each other. One similarity between these two terminologies is that it has some connection with the air pollution. Like in other words, what we mean here is that they harm the environment in some way. Another similarity between them is that they both play a vital role in the change in the climate. Another similarity is that they both deal with an increasing factor, be it temperature or gases, it will change.

As we have discussed about the differences and similarities. Now, let us try to improve the environment by taking some prevention measures into consideration. Some preventive measures for the environment are first, we can reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide. Another prevention measure could be by using the 3 R’s which are Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. If you use the 3 R’s then you can save around 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Next way of prevention measure is to stop burning the fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gasoline and natural gas.


Generally during the hot summers, we have a habit to turn on the air conditioner also known as AC, to cool ourselves. But have we ever wondered as to what happens to the environment. Most of the carbon dioxide is being used, like nearly 2000 pounds per year. But if we reduce the usage of the AC’s then we can save that 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

Another way to prevent global warming as well as greenhouse effect is to save the electricity. When we are not using the fans, light bulbs, tube lights and etc. then we should switch them off. We generally have the tendency to leave them on for a very long time. Another way is to use less of hot water. Usually we prefer to take hot showers during the winter time as we all feel very cold. But when we use the hot showers, we produce a lot of carbon dioxide in that as well. Even when we use the heaters, it consumes a lot of carbon dioxide.

Another way to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide is to drive less as well as drive smartly. What we mean by this is, if necessary then use the car to go places, but if we need to go places which are at walkable distances then prefer cycling or walking. This way it will also improve your health as well as the lifestyle. I would like to conclude this by saying that both global warming and greenhouse effect both as interlinked but one after the other in their own different ways. So conserve the energy and utilize the resources available to us.



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