Green colleges are here to stay

The green revolution is here to stay and its flag bearers are the youth of today. It is up to the present generation to take the green initiative forward and spread it around the world. A green youth promises a green future for the earth. So if you are the youth of today, a huge responsibility lies in your hands. It is now your duty to make this earth a better living place and save the earth from looming destruction with the help of sustainable green living practises.

Green living can be practised almost anywhere- in your home, office or neighbourhood. But where does the youth spend most of its time? The answer is college. Colleges and universities house millions of students across the world. So is it not obvious that the green revolution should be started in college campuses as well? Colleges are the centres of learning and what better place to learn and imbibe green living eco-friendly manners than this?


It is not the responsibility of the college alone, when it comes to initiating and engaging in eco-friendly sustainable living conditions. It is also the responsibility of the students to extend a helping hand in this endeavour. In fact, apart from the initiatives taken by the college, the students can start their own eco-friendly mission. Here are a few interesting pointers that students can pursue if they want to adhere to eco-friendly methods in their college-

  • You can start with using less electricity in your dorm. Keep the laptops switched off when not in use. Switch off the fans and lights when leaving the room.
  • Try to reduce your use of paper. Instead of taking notes on paper, take them down in your laptops. Don’t use the printing machine more than necessary.
  • Don’t waste water in the bathroom. Take shorter and fewer showers from now on.
  • Don’t waste food.
  • Don’t create unnecessary litter in your college campus. Try to make your campus clean.
  • Try riding bicycles or walking around the campus from now on. Avoid driving cars and encourage your friends to do the same. reduce your carbon footprint this way.


  • Participate in environmental clubs and societies in your college. Try to bring a change by doing small chores around the college like picking up waste and planting trees.
  • When you leave the college, don’t throw away your furniture. Donate them to charity or give them up for recycling.

While these were a few simple tasks for the students, the main responsibility lies with the college authorities. Colleges and universities around the globe have been actively involved in turning their campuses green. Many eco-friendly green living initiatives are being taken by colleges who are in favour of conserving and protecting the environment. Some important changes that are being noticed around college campuses need to be mentioned.

  1. Many colleges have been taking the green route by placing compost bins in their campuses. This way, instead of throwing the waste in garbage bins, the students are placing them in compost bins, thereby benefitting the environment. Apart from compost bins, recycle bins are also being seen in some colleges.


  1. The food served in colleges is also getting transformed to organic. Colleges are serving organic and local food. This is not only helping the environment, but also the economy of the local people there. Organic food is better for our health too.
  2. The dining area is also getting transformed with eco-friendly plates, glasses and other cutlery. Many universities are doing away with disposable crockery that pollutes the environment and creates excess waste. So now, colleges are using reusable dining sets instead.
  3. Power consumption is another area where changes are getting noticed. Many colleges now prefer eco-friendly LED lights in their rooms that save up to 40% power when compared to incandescent lights.
  4. Alternate sources of energy like sun or wind are being utilised by colleges to reduce the electricity cost as well as save energy. Solar heaters are being introduced in many colleges that heat water without the use of any electricity.
  5. To keep the campus clean and pollution free, some colleges have paved the way for eco-friendly transportation in the form of cycles and solar cars. Many colleges encourage the use of cycle around the campus instead of cars. Students are also encouraged to carpool with friends to reduce carbon footprint.
  6. In the bathrooms, changes are taking place in the form of low-flowing toilets and aerators in the taps.


Hence we can see that with the joint effort of the college authorities and the students, colleges are turning eco-friendly like never before. With individual effort from each student, the day is not far when every college in the world would be recognised as a green college. Till then let us all join hands and welcome this refreshing green wave of change that is sweeping the nations.


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