Green Hospitals- Setting up an Example

“Achhe din aane waale hain.” (Good Days are coming.)

The motto has been as good as for environment as for the growth of the nation. The new prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has created a buzz all around the world. The topic of discussion has been Modi all around. But here is a look as what is Modi government dong to treat one of the biggest problems of the day, which is responsible for simple diseases to the very dangerous cancer, environmental degradation.

The first step taken by the new government is the cleaning up of Ganga River. Along with this, as per the latest news, the new government is all set to make AIIMS the first green hospital of the nation. Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan recently announced his plan for the greener India through the medical institutions of the country. He said that his government was ready to bring climate change and will work with full commitment to bring the required effects.

The project aims at making AIIMS India's first green hospital.
The project aims at making AIIMS India’s first green hospital.

Now, what does a green hospital look like? Will it have plants growing all around through its corridors? No. The hospital will make use of the solar power as its primary source to run machines. The water conservation systems along with water recycling treatment plant will make it greener. This way, the hospital will be saving a lot of energy which was otherwise wasted.

Regular energy audits and a phased renewal plan will make it more energy efficient. And the plan will not be limited only to AIIMS, but will be research and replicated to other hospitals throughout the nation.

Moreover, there are many things which are wasted, including many chemicals and medicines. These are responsible for causing harm to the environment, because most of these are non biodegradable. Gases like nitrous oxide and other anesthetic gases need to be treated properly in order to reduce their harmful effects on the environment. These all will be managed in a green hospital through the technique of reduce, reuse and recycle.

A view of the Pittsburh hospital, one of the greenest hospitals in the world.
A view of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, one of the greenest hospitals in the world.

The greenest hospital, currently, as ranked by the ‘Healthcare Administration Degree Programs’ is Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its main features include public transport, recycles water and other materials and ‘water efficient landscaping’. The most interesting thing about this hospital is that it is completely paper free. All the work, from medication to billing is done electronically, thus saves water and trees, ultimately.

Another brilliant example of a green hospital is Dell Children’s Medical Center of central Texas at Austin Texas. The brilliant characteristic of its infrastructure is its white roof, which reflects most of the sunlight to keep the building cool. The building also has environment friendly paints and rain water collection irrigation system along with efficient toilets.

The hospital which reduces its carbon emissions of those equal to 273 cars is Providence Newberg Center located at Newberg, Oregon. The hospital uses geothermal, wind and low impact hydro energy and has excellent ventilation, which keeps the air inside the building fresh. Actually, this helps in improving the health of a lot of patients, because fresh air is what they need. The smell of chemicals and medicines in the hospital fails to improve their condition, which is absent in this case.

So, here are some things which will make a hospital ‘green’. Rain water harvesting along with the recycling of waste materials is important. Along with this, the renewable sources of energy can be installed in the building. Use of eco friendly paints and adhesives and the reduced use of paper will contribute to make it greener.

A green hospital will have these characteristics.
A green hospital will have these characteristics.

The hospitals which take care of the health of their patients, the same hospitals release chemical though gases and medicines which are harmful for the nature. Most of the hospitals in the world are not using the same techniques as these ones. So, they continue to release gaseous waste into the atmosphere. The administration and management of these hospitals have done a commendable job by making the hospitals according to the needs of the nature. It really is an innovative and appreciable effort. Similar systems should be reproduced through other parts of the world, which will considerably help in making the world greener.

Greener Hospitals mean better sustainability and better health care for the patients.
Greener Hospitals mean better sustainability and better health care for the patients.

The government of India has taken an excellent step in this case by initiating the idea of green hospital for the first time in India. Along with this, the clean Ganga Project is also a wonderful initiative which has received appreciation of many people. This government has recognized the need and is doing its job to make our planet cleaner and greener. Now, it is our turn to become responsible towards our duties and try to make this place a better place to live.

Be innovative. Be careful. Go green.


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