Is Green Living actually Implemented?

So there is this one question which makes me curious . How many people know what is green living and are they aware of what are they doing to help improve it. Having the knowledge and implementing it are two different things. From my observation, I can tell that most of us have the knowledge but do not actually implement it. Now question rises again,  why? Aren’t we all a part of this world and want to be good citizens to the environment?

Each individual can define green living in different ways as their thinking towards the environment would be based on what responsibilities they are ready to take up. Green living can have different aspects towards the environment. Some of the different aspects could be on the conservative of energy resources, recycling of raw materials, health, sustainability of resources, what are the alternative resources of energy available, etc. Based on these different aspects, people can have various thoughts as well as solutions.


Conservation of energy can be of two types. They are renewable resources and non-renewable resources. Renewable resources are the resources which can be replenished again even after being used once. Such examples of renewable resources are solar energy, wind energy, turbine energy, geothermal energy etc. Non-renewable resources are the resources which cannot be replenished again after one use.  Some examples are coal, natural gas, fossil fuels.

The second aspect of green living is the recycling of raw materials. Recycling of raw materials means by the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). Also, when we recycle the raw materials, we can reuse these materials to make new products. With the help of recycling, the new products are made with less energy. The advantage is that it is conserving the energy. Some materials which can be recycled are water bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles and many more.


The third aspect of green living is health. When we mean health with respect to green living, we referred to as the lifestyle. Like based on our eating habits, preferably eat organic food or local food as it will reduce the cost of the fuel which is used to transport. Also, it will be healthier as there will be less pesticides and fertilizers used.

Another aspect is sustainability of resources. This is only based on humans like us to decide how much to consume and how to use the resources available to us wisely. On the basis of these, people can tell how much depletion is happening.

One more aspect of green living is based on the alternative resource. It is the resources which can be used in the place of conventional resources. Alternative resources is the same as renewable resources. Such as geothermal energy, thermal energy, solar energy and wind energy.

Now that we know what is green living and its aspect, next we should what is its impact. Mainly in the impact, the requirements needed are mainly the sustainability of resources. Our lives are mainly combined with technology as well as other facilities. Other facilities means by electronic facilities, transportation, household activities which is mainly obtained from the fuel. As there is a great demand for fuel, the prices are increasing constantly.

The solution which we can get from this impact is to use green fuel which is produced from renewable resources. Another solution for this impact can be start carpooling with others who are nearby and going to the same destination, or use public transport or if it is a short distance start walking.

Other concerns that can affect the green living are water pollution, air pollution, soil contamination, wildlife conservation and climate change. If the water gets contaminated due to the toxic chemicals, then it will not only be harmful for drinking purposes as well as it pollutes the soil. The climate can change due the deforestation. The rainfall can be irregular due deforestation as well.

To prevent the resources from all these factors mentioned above, we should use a green living technique. First, we can create awareness for the people as well as go to schools and spread awareness there to the children. The awareness could be about rain water harvesting, planting more trees (or the technique is also called as afforestation), what are the recyclable goods and waste disposal. We can also conserve the water energy by not letting the taps run for long hours. Also, prevent from taking long showers. Use the water with less pressure as well as when needed.


If we start reducing the impacts, it would be better for us as it will help in saving our money. Also, it can improve the health as well as the quality of life. To change our lifestyle to a healthier one, it is better to reduce the carbon footprints. Reduction of carbon footprints can be done by modifying the household items, transportation, eating healthier food.

As we all got an idea about what green living is, its importance and impacts we can analyze that most of the people do not follow these. So start implement green living in our lifestyle and become better citizens for our environment!!


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