Toxic chemicals are everywhere in our home!

Chemicals leading our life!
Chemicals leading our daily life!












In our day to day life, all of us are surrounded by a lot of chemical attack and we are not even aware that it is happening! It became an everyday scenario in our home.  From our morning coffee and mouthwash to body lotion, cosmetics, hairspray, deodorizers, our favorite perfume, the manicured lawns and the golf course across the street, even your ‘fresh’ laundry is probably washed in a pool of chemicals, all these activities have some harmful chemicals involved in their working which affect us in one or more way.  We are being forced to ingest chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, synthetic hormones, antibiotics with the fruits and vegetables we eat. With increasing population there has been more demand of food which ultimately requires use of efficient chemicals to increase crop production. One way to curb this is to promote organic farming.  Also, it is to be pointed, about the air we breathe and the water we shower and brush our teeth with, the electromagnetic chaos all around us? All of these things add up to play a major role in the deterioration of our health and making us more prone to diseases than before. For most of the people, it comes up as fatigue, chronic allergies, immunity troubles, stress, depression and can even cause neurological disorders, hormone imbalance and any number of other disorders. For some, more serious diseases may happen. When the body is under constant attack from these poisons, the immune system has to fight very hard to keep the body healthy.

Therefore, the entire humanity has been surrounded with another world of chemicals. It is happening not only in the industries but even our loving homes. Without knowing the after effects of using a cosmetic brand we regularly switch to new and costly brands. We have developed a habit of consuming packed foods to make our life more comfortable and save time. Instead of feeding on fresh fruits, we drink Tetra packed fruit juices thinking it has more nutrients. But the real fact is, that, fruit juices are in no way better than fresh fruits as the necessary fibre content get lost during processing of fruit juice.

It’s never too early or too late to reduce or eliminate when possible, these toxins from your life. An easy way to begin is to eliminate perfumes and colognes. There are natural fragrances such as essential oils, some derived from flowers, great for women, and others derived from things such as sandalwood, a great male fragrance. They can be a better option than these artificial fragrances as they do not affect our health and also don`t add up CFCs to the environment which is responsible for ozone depletion.  Most popular fragrances that are used these days contain between 250 and 400 toxic chemicals that we spray directly onto our skin and then absorb into our bloodstream! Our body attempts to filter all these chemicals through our lymph system, but there’s only so much waste it can dump a day, then it’s forced to store it. There are many alternative cleansers and personal products for cleaning your home and bathing.

The importance of clean, organic whole food should be our priority.  Non-organic foods are full of all the chemicals which degrades our health by not providing us with the essential nutrients. Now we have genetically modified food, irradiated food, nitrates, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners…how can they even be called foods anymore? If we consume dairy or meat that isn’t organic, the hormones we’re subjecting our children to are causing girls to develop by the age of nine. Endometriosis in young girls and older women, and boys developing breasts and acne has been a growing problem for the last 3-4 decades. It is very important for us and our children to get the rest of the chemicals out of our house. If we are able to do this then we can notice that allergies are lessen, we may see a difference in our family’s ability to focus and relax. Our children will be proactive, alert and are keen to learn by providing them the clean and organic food and environment. Consuming unhealthy food makes us lazy. It also affect sleeping hours causing irregular sleeps in adults. By constant taking up of chemicals, it also affects our sexual activeness. Sometimes children of 9-10 years are found sexually active while for some the puberty changes stop before time.

For our family’s health, we should pack our fridge, pantry and cupboards full of organic and natural whole foods, cleansers and personal care products so that you will know that what you are giving your family is truly nature’s best. By the way, these products taste, smell and feel good! We must be conscious about what we are consuming at our home. Do not rely on chemicals too much, instead practice leading a organic way of life and keep yourself fit and healthy.  It is never too late to proceed towards a clean and green environment. Practicing green living at home can be a good step to help the environment.



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