Green Living- Towards a Better Future

It is a sad truth that as our environment is slowly withering away to ruins; most people are not even bothered about it. Pollution, green house gases, cutting down trees and industrialisation are just a few of the hundred dreadful human deeds that are leading the earth towards total destruction. Many people lead normal happy lives, totally oblivious to earth’s predicament. If people don’t become conscious and act on it fast, then the day is near when earth will cease to exist.                                                               ed1

Everyday human beings are contributing massively to the ruination of this world without even realising it. Oceans are getting polluted, trees are getting sparse and animals are getting extinct. Human beings are responsible for each and every quandary. Global warming has become a distressing phenomenon which is slowly gaining momentum. Human beings themselves are suffering from it every day. Still, where is the awareness? Where is the drive to change?

If people are not aware, you have to take the responsibility of making them aware in your own hands. The task is not easy, but there is no harm in trying. You have to teach others to love mother earth and work towards its restoration. Some may not understand you, some may rebuke you or some may laugh it off- but even if it is only one person who understands you, consider yourself successful. There are ways in which you can inspire and motivate others towards the betterment of this planet. A few of them are as follows-

  • Start a discussion

The first step towards making others aware of the condition is to talk to them about it. Start closer to home by talking to your family and then gradually move to the relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Tell them about the awful condition of our planet and point out to them how they are contributing to its destruction. Give them a list of things they can do to save this world. Ask them of any progress they have made. Each water droplet makes up an ocean, so your little effort will go a long way towards the betterment of the planet.

  • Do it yourself

Before you can inspire others, you need to do it yourself. Switch to green living now. Incorporate eco-friendly items in your home. Reduce your carbon footprint and follow these golden words by heart- reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce the use of your car or air conditioner, don’t waste food and most importantly, recycle the waste. Change your diet into an organic one to care for the environment and your health as well.

  • Write about it

The social media has taken the world by storm. It is a wonderful and effective tool that you can put to use in this situation. Voice your opinion in the form of blogs and articles. Tell everyone you know to read it. As you start writing, your message gets exposed to millions of people across the world. There is no better medium than this. If you don’t want to stop at this, writing letters to your local newspaper might also help. Make the articles exciting and fun-filled. Only depressing hard-hitting facts would not get you any readers. Elucidate you point subtly. If you can’t write it yourself, hire others to write for you.

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  • Don’t be blind

Next time you see somebody doing something harmful to the planet, don’t just stand there or look away. Go to them and make them realise their mistake. Approach them in a friendly, non hostile manner. Calmly explain to them what they have done wrong. If talking to strangers seems too much to you, start with your friends or colleagues first. They will listen to you.

  • Start a group

Start your own “save the planet” group. Ask your friends or neighbours to join in. You can also create this group at work with colleagues. Hold discussions and activities on weekends. That way you are not neglecting your work. Make an agenda on what you want to do. Start with eco-friendly activities like planting a tree or saving water. Ask your neighbourhood children to join you.

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  • Issue pamphlets

Issue pamphlets and distribute them in your neighbourhood or anywhere you like. You can also start your own magazine if you have the time or money to do so.

These are just a few small steps you can take in order to make people conscious of the environment around you. You don’t have to stay restricted to these ways only. Press your brain and find out other ways in which you can help your environment. Try them out for yourself. It is easier said than done. You may have to face a lot of opposition along the way. But stay strong and remember that you are doing this for not for yourself but for your planet. Remember that you are not alone. There are many people across the worlds who are striving for the same thing- a better future for this earth. If you can gather the support of some of your friends then the task won’t seem so difficult anymore. Just don’t lose hope and move forward.


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