Mobile Phones and Cancer: Are They Linked?

If you have no clue so as to what radiation is, the let me do the initial bit of explaining. It is the energy that is traveling through space and it takes a form of waves or particles and it has been around forever, only we have learned to deal with it by virtue of our evolution on the planet over the years. I assume that you therefore understand that a little bit of radiation will not kill us and you also must be aware that radiation has been used for various medical purposes to take care of a range of health conditions.


It is best not to go into the scientific intricacies of the phenomenon, let’s admit, we hardly need that kind of command over the subject to understand whether or not cell phone radiations are harmful for us at all. So it has been a matter of years now that cell phone radiations have been linked with cancer and is believed to be triggering a number of hazardous effects in your brain, heart and other parts of the body. With some it is a prevalent idea that an exposure to mobile phone radiations would lead to development of brain tumor in some cases and more so if used over a prolonged period of time. Some findings have proven that if anyone is exposed to mobile phone radiation for a period of more than 10 years then they are more likely to develop a brain tumor. However, it is not definite and might not occur in some cases.

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The kind of radiation that mobile phones emit is called electromagnetic radiations and they do so because they use radio frequency waves or RF waves when you make calls or you receive calls. Now the dose of radiation is believed to be almost negligible, to the extent of people denying the chances of it actually affecting human beings as the emissions are miraculously low power or short range. However, if you want to reduce this amount of radiation too, then there is absolutely no need to worry as there are ways in which you can avoid this.

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Now I think it is particularly evident to you that there has been no conclusive evidence to prove that if you are using a mobile phone then it will have any such long term harmful effect on you but researches that have been conducted on animals have proven otherwise. But no increase in cancer rates has been found in the studies with normal use of mobile phones. Yes an exposure at highest levels will mean a different story altogether but certainly not at the normal average exposure level. So it is therefore suggested that you do not engage in long call times and specially if you use one particular side to hold the ear to your phone. Though not scientifically proven, it can very much have its share of damage.

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But so far the only known and noticed effect that cell phone radiation have had on living tissue is heating and the rise in temperature on the surface of the brain cells due to the electromagnetic waves emitted from the mobile phones are 0.3 at the max. Technically this kind of radiation cannot be trusted to have a far reaching biological significance. Normally the temperature of the brain fluctuates up to one degree and it takes up to five degrees of rise in temperature in the brain for the brain cells to be damaged. However, several researches have been conducted all over the world to land up on any possible validation of the fact that mobile radiation will be actually harmful for human beings, all of them ending in failure.

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The radio frequency energy which is a form of non-ionizing radiation. Now this can be absorbed by tissues in your body which is the closest to where the phone is held by you. Obviously, the amount of radiation will depend on the technology of the phone and the distance of users from cell phone towers. So it is safe to say that you will not expose yourself to such great a risk if you do not talk to someone over the phone for long stretches of time. You might consider reducing the number and duration of your night calls. And though nothing has been proven as yet, it is best to take necessary precautions and on top of that spread awareness regarding various adverse effects of cell phone radiation as one of the inadequacies of it is that there has not been adequate number of researches conducted or cases taken note of. And we have come across evidence supporting both sides of the argument, so it is best to be on the safe side and reduce cell phone uses to minimum.

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The heath conditions that have been blamed on cell phone radiation are tumours, memory impairment, cancer, and even foetal damage, apart from brain damage which is the primary. Though none of them have been scientifically proven, yes time and again evidences have worked in their favour, though they have been discarded as rarity. We all know the demand of cell phone today and the huge capitalist firms behind it. So to keep the actual evidences away from us might just be one of their policies to earn money off our health. So be safe and reduce cell phone use.

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