Green Mantra 2014: Infect the ‘Go Green Fever’

This is a thought that stroke my nervous bags while I was sitting in the metro, hearing a couple of ladies, talking about the daily water consumption at their respective homes and was I then shocked and disheartened at their ideology of “why to go green? How is it going to affect us if we manage with less water for washing clothes? Even if we reduce our usage, Mrs. Sharma is definitely not going to, other people in the building are going to use our share of water anyway”. And this lead me with my jaws dropped and my heart aching at the fact that we are still so far from our goal of going green, by the time we can’t make our society then locality, then city and then the country go green. It’s a long, long way to go since the path to be covered demands unity and mass devotion.
So the Green Mantra is, don’t go green alone, make others go green along with you. This obviously doesn’t mean of not going green if others are not willing to, be determined in your own endeavor and try awakening the crowd around you.

Need for Public Awareness

Yes, we all need to carry the flag!
Yes, we all need to carry the flag!

And this is where each one of us would require participation. From organisations to eco clubs, every person, organisation and institution has an obligation and duty to protect it. Environmental consciousness needs to be propagated at all levels. Environmental conservation can be achieved if we all are sharing the same single thought, the thought of creating a better world to live in as we received, the thought to give a better deal to everyone,, human or otherwise, to the present as well as to the future generation who all have to allocate the Almighty’s great gifts of clean, serene, pure environment and abundant natural resources on this planet Earth.
Environment protection not only encompasses pollution but also heads towards sustainable development and conservation of natural resources and the eco-system. Environmental studies/ Education is thus a continuous lifelong process beginning at the preschool level and continuing through all stages.

What is Environmental education/ studies?

It is not just a subject of rote learning intended to add to you percentage in schools or colleges. It is and ethical, systematic understanding of our environment and our existence in it. It includes many interconnected problems involving human population, Earth’s natural resources and environment issues or problems. This subject requires your love towards your land, your atmosphere, the love that you might be showing towards your home or building. In the larger picture, you might just picturise yourself or your home on the Earth which requires renovations and fixes to the core.
The love towards environment is hard to crop up in aunties and uncles who have grown old with a mindset knowing the facts of consuming your natural resources to an extent where your needs get fulfilled thus this love should be incorporated in the children at an early age when they are taught things like “sharing is caring.” Thus sharing natural resources is caring for fellow beings and moreover for the environment since we know about the interdependence relationship followed throughout the planet. Care for the planet and the planet would care for you.
We would now scratch our heads thinking of how to go about the processes of mobilizing people’s awareness.
1. Firstly, the Alma matter proves to be a second mother to us, sensitizing us towards a variety of issues in life, thus institutions like schools and colleges can demonstrate an example of planet savior since schools and formal education cent percent witness maximum participation.
Even if your school/ college doesn’t provide with environmental education, do make consistent efforts in having such a subject since it would key other students towards environment protection.

2. Participate in Eco-clubs, organize such clubs as activity clubs in your organisation, since this field just requires time and efforts and almost no funds.
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3. Since charity begins at home, the charity of knowledge begins at home too. Try and talk to your parents about their consumption of water, petrol, diesel and constantly make efforts to bring your family in the green zone and would they then bring their friends.
4. Let the “going green” fever be communicable and infectious, hypnotize people, attract people with your influential talk, be well aware of the consequences, horrify them with the future consequences predicted and then would the horror do its job of getting them into the green zone.
5. Get allied to non profit organisations and work for campaigns since bringing a change against economically influential people would require voice, funds, technical assistance and mass support.
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6. The environment aspects and concepts must be majorly involved in management and business studies. Since money is what money does, it does wrong to the environment, thus let us see green businessmen in the near future prioritizing environment before economic growth and gains. Thus the whole system of business management should be colored green.
7. Instead of forwarding jokes all the time, write environment protection awakening messages and forward widespread. Instead of chatting all day long, write blogs pertaining to environment management since internet is infectious and communicates such “go green fevers”


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