Green tea: A heavenly beverage

Sitting at the coffee-shop, savouring every single sip of her green tea, Kruti was transported to a different world.
“Earth to Kruti! ,” gasped her friend  Rahul.” What magic does that beverage weave?! Every time we go out , there is always that one thing you need ,  Green tea!!”
Kruti grinned and replied ,” Aren’t you aware of the powerful effects of this heavenly beverage? Let me enlighten you! “.

Green tea is much more than a green liquid and referred to as Japanese tea.It has phenomenal health benefits that are present in every drop. People who drink green tea on a quotidian basis are found to be more healthier and active when compared to those who don’t!
The presence of flavonoids is what makes it healthier.Flavonoids are said to be anti-oxidative and have anti-carcinogenic functions too. The amount of flavonoids present in a single cup of tea is more than what’s present in any other beverage like vegetable or fresh fruit juices.
Green tea first originated in China and was first brewed in 2737 B.C. when the country was reigned by emperor Shennong and now you know, it’s almost everywhere including Asia .Infact,  it’s quite popular in the West as well. Green tea is endowed with powerful benefits like nutrients and antioxidants which reduce the risk of cancer and enhances the functioning of the brain.

Green tea

The beneficial effects of green tea maybe numerous but let me tell you about a few of them:
* Presence of Bio-active compounds
It has polyphenols like catechins and flavonoids that are exceptional antioxidative agents .They protect the skin cells and molecules from being ruptured and enhance the formation of free radicals in the body.
The most incredibly powerful compound present in it is the Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which makes green tea , the most powerful beverage on earth.
Furthermore, it has minerals too and the better the quality of the brand chosen from the market, the higher the effectiveness of this liquid. Choosing a lower quality brand would only mean inviting in trouble because there might be high level of flourides which are harmful.
*Reduces Cancer-risk !
Oxidation enables the building of cancerous cells and it is one of the leading cause of deaths nowadays.
Green tea has some of the finest sources of antioxidants that help in reducing cancer-risks like :
Breast cancer :
Women who drink green tea are less susceptible to breast cancer or they have 22% lower risk.
Prostate cancer :
This is one of the most common cancers found in men . Green tea drinkers have 48% lower risk.
Colorectal cancer:
Green tea drinkers have 57% lower risk of developing this cancer , a study on Chinese women said.
Furthermore, it also reduces risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers too.

Also, whenever you consume tea, add less amount of milk because milk reduces the antioxidants present in it.

Green tea
*Brain functioning
Did you know that Green tea can also make you smarter?
It contains stimulants like caffeine but less than the amount present in a cup of coffee.The concentration of neurotransmitters like dopamine also increases with green tea.It also has amino acid L-theanine which has anti-anxiety and synergistic effects.

*Improves dental health.
Streptococcus mutants is a harmful bacteria that is normally found in the mouth and causes cavities in teeth and contributes to the plaque formation too.
Another incredible benefit of green tea is that it helps in reducing bad breath too!!

* Helps you grow slimmer and fitter!
Obesity is one of the common problems that the youth faces these days. A wonderful and easy solution to this would be drinking green tea regularly. It boosts metabolism and eliminates body fat and ensures that you grow fitter and lose weight.
Also, it helps in eliminating the abdominal fat and reduces the waist circumference .
Green tea with a pinch of salt will do the job.
*Enhances physical performance
The presence of caffeine solely does the job. It help in mobilizing the fatty acids from fat tissues and making them readily available for use as energy.
It has an excellent fat-burning capacity.
* Lowers risks of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
Green tea helps in proper brain functioning, even in old age.
Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes dementia and Parkinson’s causes the death of dopamine and also contributes to the production of neurons in the brain.
Green tea is loaded with bio-active compounds and reduces the risks of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Also , this seems to be a boon to all the beauty-conscious youth.In many countries, for instance, Japan, Korea and China, green tea serves as a main ingredient in beauty masks.It reduces black heads and pimples and moreover, makes your skin tone more even and uniform!! This is not all.It also makes your skin look younger for many years.

benefits of Green tea

Rahul stared at Kruti with a flabbergasted look. “This is truly amazing! This explains your younger-looking skin and how you’ve got those gorgeous ballerina-like moves!”
Kruti smirked ,”Not to forget a guy called Rahul who always follows me like a puppy-dog wherever I go! “.
Kruti stuck her tongue out and Rahul , who felt awfully abashed,decided to take his cue and went to the counter to order a cup of green tea.


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