Climate change – Affected Earth

Let me take you to the future, there is breaking news on your T.V. news channel- “In Himalayas and there is scorching ‘Heat’, It’s raining in Sahara Desert!!” Shocked? But it will soon be a bitter truth for all human beings living on this planet. Ever Increasing human population their needs and wants, which are fulfilled at the cost of the destroying the environment. So some where humans need to pay price for it and this price would be our lives. But I must say that it has already begun – the climate change which has affected human lives in every aspect it, which has not only affected the nature but also humans economically not only this but ruined the healthy atmosphere.

climate change

Have you observed the changing climate around you! Don’t you see that its core summer but suddenly there is heavy showers and bursting hailstones from the clouds? Environmentalist all over the world worried about the climatic change which is seriously affecting, and this climate change has been a globalized issue. Increasing heat, depleting ozone, deforestation, rising pollution, badly affected food production, etc has   been very serious issues which need to be looked after and a solution must be sorted to at least reduce the damage to the nature mankind as well.

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Environmentalists and scientist have determined that increasing emission of carbon dioxide and other heat trapping green house gasses raises the temperature by triggering the precipitation event. Unresistant deforestation and neglecting the forestation, leads to increase in the heat and it gets trapped by these gases which results to rapid evaporation of water from ocean and soil into the atmosphere. This process increases the average temperature, warmer atmosphere hold much of the moisture, about 4% of more per degree Fahrenheit temperature increases. Thus, when storm occur there is more water vapor available in the atmosphere to fall as a rain, snow or hails. It was observed and concluded by U.N. Intergovernmental Panel climate change reported that about 4 percent increase since 1970.

This unstable atmosphere not only disturbs the cycle of seasons but the most affected aspect is the agriculture. As the untimely rain and hailstorm creates inconvenience to people, it has wider impact on the crops as large quantities of crops are destroyed by untimely rains. It was seen in India, Pune and Vidharba region were the most affected areas in Maharashtra on the heavy showers and hailstones rain.
Some regions are affected by heavy rains and some are deserted by droughts. While some regions are likely to get wetter as the world warms, other regions that are already on the dry side are likely to get drier. For instance,precipitation has declined in the tropics and subtropics since 1970. Southern Africa, the Sahel region of Africa, southern Asia, the Mediterranean, and the U.S. Southwest, for example, are getting drier. Even areas that remain relatively wet can experience long, dry conditions between extreme precipitation events.
The changing atmosphere has affected every aspect of human life; it may be health or food grain production. Societies may find ways to prepare for and cope with some climate impacts—provided that we do not let our carbon emissions continue unabated. However, even a partial accounting of these measures suggests that coping is likely to be more costly steps to reduce carbon emissions thereby reducing associated climate impacts.
For example, farmers might need to irrigate previously rain-fed areas, cool vulnerable livestock, and manage new or more numerous pests. Local and state governments that taker early steps to ensure that houses are more energy efficient, and build early warning systems for heat waves and disasters and add emergency responders are more likely to cope with extreme events. Governments may also have to build seawalls, contain sewer overflows, and strengthen bridges, subways, and other critical components of the transportation system.

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Rebuilding after disasters strike is likely to prove even more costly than these preventive measures, studies show. And these costs do not include those stemming from lives lost and other irreversible consequences of allowing heat-trapping gases to accumulate unchecked in our atmosphere.
South Asia has been contented with agricultural countries, whose main occupation is agriculture. And almost half of the population lives in areas affected by monsoon even slight change or deviations from the normal monsoon have great impact. Not only agriculture but electric power generators are also badly affected. The whole cycle gets disturbs ever nature fluctuating nature is a warning to the mankind to take some drastic steps for the conservation of natural habitat to maintain the balance of the nature. Timely rains may not affect the food productions, some crops require less rainfall and are grown in summer but if it untimely rains in summer may drain the harvest.
There is need to cease the unresistant use of green house gases all over the globe, as climate change has affected the whole globe there is need to take action being united by the countries all over the world. Reforestation, conserving wild habitat, maintaining balance between concrete and green jungle, as water being the significant resources it is need to protect them. To protect mankind from any of the future climatic disaster we need to take precautions. We need to work hand in hand with nature and save all the spheres of environment!


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