Keep Ur Beeping Things Out Of Trash………

Loud clanging and heavy breathing sounds coming out of your computers and printers are always not a good sign of a healthy relationship between you and your e-thing. When she finally gives out her last breath it’s time to say goodbye. Even though some part deep inside you says “ Come on man ,you can repair it, you are an engineer ”, there’s really nothing you can do about it at that stage. This goes for all your electronic items. Heck, I had an experience like that with my laptop. But I found the problem at an early stage and saved her life. article200_man_kissing_laptop-200x0         The thing with the technology and human life is that both are some what similar in many ways. The layout and working are partly stolen from the way a human body works. You know, the memory, processing unit, camera right in front and supply feed. When you get a fever, you go to a doctor. Same goes there, you should get your electronics to a service center. download             So, when my laptop was not working properly for nearly 20 days, I had to go a shop for taking a print out or ask a friend to download some files for me. That day I knew that self sufficiency was worth the cost. Now, Back to the similarities, when a human being  passed away, we either bury him or incinerate him. We don’t throw him away just like that. There are a lot of reasons why we do that, as you know. The same goes for the e-waste. There’s a proper way for giving the last rites to your beloved beeping items. It’s not like all the electronic waste you dump form a colossal robot and plot against you. But if you don’t, there are consequences for that. I don’t have to invent those consequences. It’s already there out in the open. Only we don’t match it with these. 1026-e-waste              According to Lucy McAllister, a Ph.D. candidate in environmental studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, “ Roughly 40 million metric tons of electronic waste (e-waste) are produced globally each year, and about 13 percent of that weight is recycled mostly in developing countries. About 9 million tons of this waste—discarded televisions, computers, cell phones, and other electronics—are produced by the European Union, according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). And UNEP notes that this estimate of waste is likely too low ”. Informal recycling markets in China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and the Philippines handle anywhere from 50 percent to 80 percent of this e-waste, often shredding, burning, and dismantling the products in “backyards.” Emissions from these recycling practices are damaging human health and the environment. It must be made mandatory to dispose the e-waste through a proper way, by giving it to recycling agencies. E-waste-In-North-East These are some of the e-waste management agencies in India  if you have a need.

  • Attero electronics asset management company
  • Karma recycling
  • E-Parisaraa Pvt. Ltd
  • Hi-tech recycling
  • Auctus E-recycling


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