Know the greenest companies on planet earth

Today we see many companies taking up initiatives to go green. Sustainability has become a trend in the corporate world. But not everyone knows the real meaning of going green. It is not only about producing eco friendly products but also about green methods of production. There are some companies which inculcated sustainability in their routine when no one cared about it. Then there are others who have set standards in this field. Also there are some new players who are going very strong towards sustainability. This article lists all those companies which are the real trend setters of sustainability.



We all know this customer friendly brand which known for its high involvement with its customers in the production process of its beautiful and affordable furniture. But only a few of us know that the furniture giant is also one of the best eco friendly companies present today. However their business involves cutting down trees but they do it in a sustainable way so that they have no negative impact on the nature. They also have a bunch of eco friendly products to offer to their customers and they aim to expand their line of sustainable products.



IBM is considered one of the pioneers of sustainable corporate culture. They started taking green initiatives in 1971 when they decided to cut down their power consumption by a huge margin. They have taken up many initiates to go green. They also encourage their customers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Their continued efforts towards sustainability have won them many awards.

Munich Reinsurance Group


This company also adapted a sustainable culture way back in 1974 when the term sustainability was not popular. With time they have made much progress and now their headquarters in Germany is known to have zero impact on environment. In other branches also they have reduced carbon emission by recycling most of the paper used in the organization. They were one of the true pioneers of sustainable corporate culture in the past and are among the leaders today.



This company has taken up many initiatives to promote sustainability. Their manufacturing plants and offices are regulated by strong policies which help them in conserving power and reducing wastage of resources. They recycle the waste products to make the production process more efficient and less power hungry. They strongly follow ethical practices in their manufacturing plants.



People at Samsung believe that sustainability cannot be achieved by changing one part of the business only. Changes need to be made at every sphere and every function of the business and therefore they have brought many initiatives to make various aspects like processes, management and products green. They have a unique initiative under which they take up any used electronic good and recycle it for use in their production process.



Sony takes sustainability a step forward. It not only works towards reducing energy consumption and waste reduction but its CSR activities are also very strong. It encourages its employees to volunteer for various social causes like feeding and educating poor people, building houses and cleaning water sources for the needy. Sony has proved to be a complete sustainable organization. It is not only a green organization but also an excellent socially responsible company.



DELL is one of the most progressive sustainable organizations around. Though they are new players in this arena, they have shown tremendous progress. They had set high goals towards sustainability in the year 2008 and are well on track so far. Like Samsung. DELL also takes any old equipments for recycling.

Johnson & Johnson

johnson n johnson3

This company has taken sustainability so seriously that they derive most of their power needs from renewable sources of energy. Solar energy is their mainstay but they also use other renewable sources of power like wind and bio gas. They are working towards becoming the most sustainable organization on the planet and have done very well so far.



Nike has done a lot of work towards sustainability over the years. It has a separate range of eco friendly products. But its efforts are not just limited towards manufacturing green products but it has also incorporated sustainability in its whole supply chain. Even the headquarters of Nike is located in energy efficient and sustainable building made of recycled aluminium.

Philips Electronics


Another new but highly progressive player in the field of sustainability, Philips Electronics has achieved a lot in a short span of time and promises to do much more. They already produce some green products and aim to bring out more eco friendly products in the near future. They also invest a lot of money in researching green technology and have pledged to reduce their energy consumption considerably in a few years.



The well known internet giant uses its huge customer base to its advantage in promoting sustainability. It follows several green practices in its day to day business and also encourages its users to go green. Just like Nike, its headquarters are located in an eco friendly building which uses very less water and power compared to other buildings of its type.



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