How Living Green Can be Efficacious ??

“Green living” the term used most recurrently nowadays whenever discussed of “eco-friendly living” describes a lifestyle in which living beings are more dependent on renewable resources of energy like Sun, wind etc than conventional fuel like oil. In the traditional sense, living green had always been in reference to the protecting our environment and reducing the size of our ecological or carbon footprint.  It has always seemed to be the phrase of the rich and famous. As I listen and google for the phrase today, I am amazed by how much information these two little words contain, in addition to environment it now includes everything from health, nutrition, food, education, agriculture, economics, home and family. green earth We feel sometimes most people don’t care what happens in the future and that only we fulfilling our bit would never be able to contribute and create a difference to our Mother Nature and making it Green. But, the little changes we make can help us make a big impact on the environment and also to some extent in the lives of the people who will sooner or later realise the efficacies of going green.  But it is rightly said “Be the change you wish to see”. Some eco-friendly home ideas adopted merely just by a few changes in habits and renewable resources helped us in becoming more “greener” by saving energy,  water, reducing electricity bills and carbon emissions. Few of them are

  • Flourescent Light Bulbs: Switching to compact fluorescent from regular incandescent bulbs which in addition to reducing 60 percent energy consumption also have a tendency to last longer.
  • flourescent bulbs
  • Solar Energy: Installing solar panels that can be used in warming homes, water  in our house which receives sufficient quantity of sunlight during the daytime. It thereby helps in saving a good amount of money in electricity bill by minimizing the use of geysers which consume high power.

solar energy use

  • Cook Smart: Cooking with a slow cooker or a toaster oven (or even a solar oven!) helps to reduce electrical use from kitchen appliances. For a meal that takes only 15 minutes of microwave cooking can uses 2.7 pounds of CO2 !!!
  •  Laptop use: Switching to a laptop instead of using a desktop computer can cut some three quarters off electrical use.
  • Turn off: Turning off the lights when you aren’t using them and reduce your direct lighting energy use by 45 percent. Installing occupancy or motion sensors on outdoor lights. Outdoor lights are left on for the whole night wasting energy and disturbing wildlife. Light fixtures triggered by a timer or motion sensors will keep the area well lit as well as save money and energy to boot.
  •  Don’t Be Fridge Foolish: Browsing for long periods in front of the refrigerator by keeping the door open wastes energy.
  • Bags: It is not advisable to purchase new bags whenever you go to supermarkets. Instead we must make sure that we’ve some reusable carry bags in the car otherwise in the messenger hamper of the motorbike, and then reuse the ones which we already possess.

plastic bag

  • Buy Products With Less Packaging: The less packaging you buy, the less garbage we create.
  •  Plan Ahead to Minimize Trips to the Market: Keeping the kitchen well stocked so we don’t have to make those last-minute grocery runs that waste both gas and fuel.
  • Recycle water: Usually the water which is utilized by the washing machines goes down to the drain. However, by keeping the hose into the bucket and then collecting the water, which can be used for flushing the toilet since we will need lesser clean water for these purposes and also for gardening purposes.
  • Use bamboo furniture: Evading the use of wood furniture and instead using furniture that is made of things like bamboo.
  • Use Old toothbrush: When you are not able to utilize the toothbrush anymore, there’re some other advantages that it is simply great for. There’re all kinds of things which you could utilize them for, like cleaning the paths on windows and doors, the edges of bathtub and this toothbrush can also be used for cleaning jewellery. This may help us to skip the use of vacuum cleaners for this type of simple cleaning and to save the electricity and earth.
  • Conserve water: Keeping a check at home carefully for leaking faucets and have them fixed as fast as possible helps in conserving water.
  • Install Low Flow showerheads: Fixing low flow shower-heads. They’re a worthwhile asset. They’ll cut down water usage as well as save energy.
  • Switching Spray With Eco-Friendly Paints: A paint made of chemicals contributes to respiratory diseases, headaches, cancer and nausea. Making use of eco-friendly paints  helps to live longer and stay healthy.
  • Make Use Of Natural Air Fresheners :To truly freshen up our home,  windows should be opened first and then we should think of investing in house plants.  A few basic elements for DIY cleaners comprise lemon, vinegar, salt, baking soda, hot water, and liquid soap. Follow all these cleaning agents to make non-toxic scrubs for each occasion.
  • Use public transportation whenever possible and shop locally which helps in saving fuelAt the end, I would like to say that nothing is going to happen overnight.  We must have patience and perseverance and be of the understanding that we don’t have to make any grand gesture, just keep it simple and keep it going


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